Readers' letters - August 10

Wigan needs to start afresh with new faces and changes

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:51 pm

I’m afraid that Wigan are a spent force, especially after this latest embarrassing effort against Leeds – and the blame lies firmly at the feet of Shaun Wane.

Had they not won the Grand Final last year, I’m sure there would have been changes, but now is the time to get to the end of the season and start afresh with new faces and big name signings.

Many of the supporters that I speak to agree things aren’t working as they should and even they are of the opinion that there should be some serious changes.

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Wigan have got to realise that they aren’t the bee’s knees they once were.

They have to move with 
the times and hopefully the good times will return, but I can’t see it for the foreseeable future.

One can always dream and hope for the best.


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Risk of parking on pavements

Parking on footpaths has become a widely-accepted practice, even though it is a threat to pedestrians.

As it is an offence to drive on a public footpath, then drivers parked on footpaths must have had to break the law to be there.

Drivers seem to be more concerned that their vehicles are not hit by other vehicles than they are for pedestrians, especially the elderly, disabled or children, either walking or in pushchairs.

The vehicles block the pavement access for wheelchair users and for prams.

Pedestrians should feel safe on the footpaths and not be constantly threatened by vehicles mounting the pavements to park.

Parking properly on the road, on the other hand, does in fact have a beneficial effect as it slows down the other traffic.

It also means damage is not done to the footpaths which are not designed for heavy vehicles.

After all it is we, the council tax payers, who foot the bill for this unnecessary damage.

Janet Porter

via email

Airport chaos

for tourists

The chaos at airports throughout Europe appears to be targeted at British holidaymakers under the pretext of anti-terrorist security. Is it an attempt to make us believe this will be the norm after Brexit?

The solution is simple: on the same basis of anti-terrorist precautions, every French, Spanish, Italian, German and Eastern European lorry coming into the UK through Dover, Portsmouth and Plymouth needs to be unloaded and checked.

How long before the Spanish farmers, German industrial giants and French hauliers put pressure on their governments to relax the airport restrictions?

Derrick Bond

Address supplied

Battery power isn’t enough

Re: Half of Britons considering going electric (WP August 8). More work on batteries is needed to extend the range. One hundred miles is not good enough, they need to be able to do 300 miles before they need a charge.

Chris Clayton

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