Readers' letters - August 17

Grammar schools provide equality of opportunity
What do you think about grammar schools?What do you think about grammar schools?
What do you think about grammar schools?

I believe in equality of opportunity when it comes to education. Which is why I’m against private schooling, where the rich can spend tens of thousands a year to get an elite education for their offspring.Sadly, it seems that Labour are more hostile to grammar schools, despite the fact that they have provided the opportunity for thousands of working class children to gain an excellent schooling that doesn’t depend on the ability to pay. Yes, it was wrong that some areas had more grammar schools per pupil than others. And, of course, those late developers who failed their 11 plus should have the opportunity to take whatever exams necessary to succeed academically.Yet the fact remains that some children are cleverer than others, and they should never be denied the chance of gaining an education appropriate to their academic ability. As things stand, the rich can purchase a place at a public school, while the middle classes buy houses near to good schools – ones which the poor can’t afford.So guess who has the worst choice when it comes to schools? That’s right. The least well-off who, in the past, could have gone to grammar schools if they were bright enough.Tim Mickleburgh Address supplied