Readers' letters - August 22

Arming all police would lead to fewer officers

Friday, 25th August 2017, 2:19 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:54 am

Regarding the question “Should all police officers be armed?” I doubt all officers would wish to be armed nor are some likely to fit the parameters required of an armed officer.

Having been an armed officer, those who carry firearms are selected carefully and I doubt many officers would meet the requirements.

That is not intended to insult, but it is a fact not all officers would be suitable.

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A police officer carrying a firearm requires in-depth training, a cool temperament and special skills which not all will possess, hence the selection process.

To arm all officers will require a significant change to the selection process.

This, in itself, could deter applications from individuals who may possess qualities required of a police officer but not one who is to be armed.

Thankfully the UK does not have the same gun culture as some countries and, whilst there are increasing incidents, there are many armed officers on daily patrol ready and able to deal with such occurrences.

High level debates will be required on the subject of all officers being armed and will probably be a long time in the waiting.

If the outcome was to arm officers, there would undoubtedly be a significant exodus of officers at all levels, thereby depleting the police service of much-needed experience.

Shaun Kavanagh

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Residents should have an input

Re: Developers flock to

take over Pier site (WP August 19).

I really feel that the residents of Wigan should have some input into this decision.

The buildings have been left to sit and fall into disrepair for far too long already, with lots of people suggesting ideas and ways to give them back to the public in Wigan and to create spaces that the public can enjoy.

I, for one, would love to see new life breathed into the spaces.

The council missed a perfect opportunity to provide an entertainment space that was promised in the redevelopment of Trencherfield Mill.

Instead they allowed the gigantic grey box to appear alongside the community church and create a huge eyesore in front of some of Wigan’s most beautiful buildings.

I have very little faith in what the council will decide on for these buildings.



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Learn vital healthy habits

Childhood obesity is one

of the biggest health

threats that the UK faces and a year on from the Government’s published childhood obesity strategy, we are no closer to having a solution to the problem.

We agree with Cancer Research UK – more needs to be done.

Today’s announcement on cracking down on calories in popular foods is something, but it’s not the whole picture.

What about the amount of physical activity our children are getting each day?

The recommended amount is 60 minutes but just one in five are achieving this.

The Obesity Strategy refers to the recently published Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. But this only commits to increasing the number of primary school children normally walking to school to 55 per cent.

Although an increase, it’s a small one.

We want to see more ambitious targets around increasing everyday physical activity in our young children so that more are walking and learning vital lifetime healthy habits.

Steve Chambers

Policy & Research Coordinator, Living Streets