Readers' letters - Friday, November 25

Funds should be for needy

Friday, 25th November 2016, 3:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:31 am
A correspondent urges readers not to fall for the marketing trap of Black Friday and keep their wallets and purses closed

long with millions of others, I watched the television screening of Children In Need. I was touched with admiration for the thousands of people who gave up their time and effort to support worthy causes. A wonderful sum of over £42m has been raised.

As I watched the noble efforts of the various good causes and the unfortunate people in need, I was, paradoxically, filled with considerable anger! Why? On the same day, it was glibly announced that the eye-watering sum of £369m of public money has been found and allocated to the renovation of Buckingham Palace. This is a disgrace and, if the pictures shown of the numerous defects in the palace are true, then the maintenance crew at the palace should be given the boot! It appears day to day maintenance is sadly lacking!

On this day of national fundraising who, in their right mind, would announce this allocation of public funds? How can the ‘powers-that-be’ be so insensitive to see charities, hospices, and others, struggling to keep going for the needy, and easily find this money for the Palace in these so-called times of austerity? It is assumed that the tenants will not have to contribute.

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James Robinson

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Trump’s right about hoax

I tend to agree with Donald Trump regarding his belief that global warming is a hoax.

When you think about it, the earth has been rotating around in space for the past four and a half billion years (so we are told).

During this time the earth has encountered many obstacles, including ice ages and other disastrous encounters, and it appears to have come through all of these pretty well intact.

Therefore when Government sources suggest plastic bags will help to destroy the planet, that theory is a bit plastic to me.

The only way a plastic bag will cause anybody harm is if a person places one over their head.

The present Government has recently approved plans to build a third runway in Heathrow whereas the average motorist is penalised with various green propaganda. Don’t leave your TV on standby, we are told by Government officials, because it will eventually cause climate change and damage to the ozone layer, then a second later, a 747 jumbo jet hurtles past.

I suppose if advice was taken from the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas regarding green issues, people would be reading the Wigan Evening Post by candlelight, with all candles out by 9pm sharp.

Barry Carr

Address supplied


Slaves to Black Friday

May I use this letters page to warn people about Black Friday which is undoubtedly sparking the usual commercial chaos today.

It was recently reported that just eight per cent of products marketed as mega deals on this day (and the following Cyber Monday) are actually cheaper than can be found elsewhere at other times of the year.

So don’t fall for this insidious marketing trap and keep 
your wallet or purse firmly closed until the dust has settled. Avoid even looking at deals online as this will only lead to temptation and instead bask in the self-righteousness of someone who has chosen not to be a slave to this corporate feeding frenzy.

After all, we have another one of those just around the corner called Christmas.


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