Readers' letters - January 18

Parking on pavement cost me my guide dog

Friday, 19th January 2018, 1:42 pm
Updated Friday, 19th January 2018, 2:55 pm
Do parked cars and vans cause problems for blind people? See letter

Parking on pavement cost me my guide dog

Just seven weeks ago, whilst out for a walk with my guide dog, I came upon a van parked on the pavement, leaving me just enough room to squeeze past.Unfortunately, there are metal signs fitted to the lamp posts in the village warning dog owners that, if their dog does a mess on the pavement, they must pick it up or be fined. This sign is at face height.I hit it and sustained a cut to my forehead almost two inches long and it was down to the bone!I went immediately to the health centre but they couldn’t help and sent me to the hospital where the cut was glued together.It has left quite a scar.The shock was so severe that I have had to give up my guide dog after 31 years of working with one. I have no confidence at all now. It was not the dog’s fault, it was the van. Had it not been on the pavement, I would not have had the accident.I will always be very bitter about this. It was totally unnecessary, the street is a very quiet one at all times.Name supplied Via email

A matter of diplomacyShould Donald Trump come to London? That is a matter for diplomats in both countries. Although the initial response is briefly an appalled silence on all sides, we must remember that we are, in effect, a long-established neighbourhood of nations, and we have had within our own country, in living memory, those who have not been a credit to us and whom we would have preferred to disown.We have welcomed in the past, for reasons of diplomacy, those whom we would not invite into our lives or into our homes, and this is no different. A single ill-disciplined youth does not disturb a respectable street for very long, nor does one foul-mouthed tenant disturb a neighbourhood for ever – although the experience is very unpleasant while it lasts.Donald Trump may not wish to come here any more than we would wish to welcome him, but there may come a time in the general way of things and of international affairs that such a visit becomes appropriate. If that does become a necessity, no doubt diplomats on all sides will work to ensure that the proprieties are observed and that offence is neither given nor taken. We hope.Mrs A RotherhamAddress supplied

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Transform your home on TV

George Clarke’s Old House, New Home for Channel 4 is back for a second series and he wants to feature homes in the North West. George wants to highlight the wealth and diversity of local housing stock, and celebrate architecture and craftsmanship in the area, so, from January 22, his team will be in the area searching for people planning major interior makeovers. The series will help families uncover historic hidden gems, and create fabulous homes fit for the future. George is getting really hands on in this series, rolling up his sleeves to help families achieve a stunning modern look in period properties. He wants to prove that you can create a perfect blend of old and new.George’s team are looking for homes of all sizes and all architectural periods (pre-1940s), including listed properties. Full finance must be in place and you must be ready to start straight away.Please contact or email [email protected] HallAmazing Productions

It’s our cash, not the government’s

Carillion will go down as another government-inspired scandal along with the banks and dealt with in the same manner – privatise the profits and nationalise the debts. It is a scandal. Thousands of families will lose their livelihoods while others will walk away with more £50 notes than they can carry. At the end of the day, it’s not the government’s money, it’s our money.Allen Jenkinsonvia email

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