Readers' letters - July 12

A thank you and a smile will cost you nothing at all

Friday, 13th July 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:15 pm
Firefighters tackle a blaze on moorland. A reader says they deserve our gratitude and support

The rescue mission to bring out the boys trapped underground in Thailand illustrates the determination of some people to go that extra mile or two out of respect for fellow creatures and the sincere wish to help them.Although in most cases there is no thought of reward or adulation, the divers deserve recognition for their heroic efforts to save those young lives from an awful fate.Closer to home, the battalions of firefighters, pictured, who have given up so much time to save the moorland environment from total ruin, deserve our deep gratitude and support.In other areas, such as the NHS and other sectors of the care industry, countless individuals devote themselves to working behind the scenes to provide essential services at a high standard, often without thanks or even a smile from others. Our local council works hard to organise routines and cater for the public health and safety of us, all within a tight budget and under the perpetual scrutiny of the higher powers but, when we give them a smile of thanks, their day is brightened and it costs us nothing to boot!G W RichardsAddress supplied

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Breaching rules of democracyThis Government has breached the rules of democracy. We were offered a vote with two options only, to Leave or Remain in the EU. There was no mention of amending their rules, compromising, or making any other changes. The vote was not a party vote but a vote for all the people. The vote was a majority to leave. The meaning could not be clearer. Instead we have suffered the indignity of accusations by the ‘losers’ that we did not understand what we were voting for and our political representatives have steadily started to negotiate as many ways as possible to remaining under Brussels control, and in some cases requesting another vote!The EU has been steadily moving from a trading organisation to complete political, trading and legal control of all member countries, their next step being to have a European army as we become a single state of the united states of Europe. So, I did know exactly what I was voting for. The subsequent behaviour of this Government is an insult to our intelligence.We should have made immediate arrangements to leave with no payments or commitments, irrespective of whatever consequences the EU would undoubtedly attempt to impose. Yes, we would have to make new deals with other countries and yes, we will have to return to UK legal, order and migration rules. If we are incapable of running our own country then we are without hope. There are many countries outside the EU who seem to be able to rule themselves and trade with other countries both in and out of the EU, so what are we afraid of?Mr L Brookvia emailWalk a mile in our shoes

In calling for the removal of the 20-metre rule when it comes to PIP (Personal Independence Payment) assessments, the MP for Rochdale, Tony Lloyd, has the backing of The British Polio Fellowship. It is outrageous a claimant who can walk one step over 20m, (with mobility aids and no matter how long it takes them), will not qualify for the higher rate of mobility support. These sorts of limits are presumably devised by the able-bodied, with no concept of reality. Eighty-five per cent of us live within 590m of a bus stop, making the old 50m Disability Living Allowance (DLA) figure inadequate. Someone with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) may be fine over short distances, until fatigue takes its toll. Our members have won on appeal thanks to our support services staff, but left seriously out of pocket as a consequence. People who can no longer work after losing mobility cars cease to be taxpayers and become benefit dependent. Even ignoring the moral argument, how can this be right or save the country money? The British Polio Fellowship will work with anyone to help ensure our members can live full and independent lives for longer and this is another PIP problem that needs a rethink from people who ought to try walking 20m in our shoes. If you need our support, call us on 0800 043 1935 or visit MitchellThe British Polio Fellowship