Readers' letters - July 12

Vanity of HS2 rail project simply cannot be justified

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 5:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:46 am

Re: The HS2. How can spending money like water on such a vanity project be right?

The NHS, education, the penal system –just for starters – are all falling apart at the seams, the Government has the audacity to stick to a one per cent annual pay cap for public sector workers, yet we can still travel from London to York in two hours?

Yes, jobs will be created in engineering and construction industries, paid for by every taxpayer, but the country is not selling exports which are really what is needed.

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The problem is that the majority of the population, who will not be affected by HS2 or travel on it, could not care less.

From what I see, the majority of MPs follow the party line like sheep in a bid to keep their jobs.

Only a huge financial crash, which will affect everybody, is likely to stop HS2, perhaps, instilling basic common sense and forcing our leaders to act more responsibly.

John Seymour

Address supplied

Is Highway Code now optional?

Is it me?

Just this past week I’ve been subjected to rude gestures from a tailgater for slowing down at a roundabout to check nothing was coming from the obscured right (good idea having overgrown grass on roundabouts so you can’t see what’s coming, by the way – nice touch, that), and angrily waved at by some other motorist overtaking me on Gatso road markings while I was doing 27mph in a 30mph zone.

They must have crawled past, in their urgency, at 29mph – and had exasperated arms lifted

aloft at me from behind while I stopped at a RED light (!).

I must have missed the Act of Parliament that rendered the Highway Code optional and made impatience and stupidity compulsory.

T Ithebarn

via email

Sad lack of

free TV sport

We have just revelled in the excitement of the entertaining and enthralling Lions final Test match commentary on Talksport radio against the All Blacks.

Alas, if only we had been able to watch it on live television via the BBC or ITV.

Just think how inspiring such an epic quality rugby match and series would have been for young children to take up the sport of rugby.

The same comments apply to Test cricket. There is little wonder we are seeing the rapid decline of local cricket leagues.

Please can we address Sky’s dominance of the coverage of sport on television?

Helen Atkinson

via email

Money wasted on nonsense

Re: HS2. The proposition to build a rail link costing in excess of £80bn is insanity. It is a ridiculous idea and is akin to building millions of helicopters for hire or just simply digging a giant tunnel which would connect the whole country together in love and harmony. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there is no money left, no money, all gone. Before we all pour any more borrowed cash in to this nonsensical dream, everyone should stop and think about this for one tiny minute, don’t you think?

Anne Painter

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