Readers' letters - July 15

No gentlemen in football

Friday, 15th July 2016, 4:37 pm
Updated Friday, 15th July 2016, 6:39 pm
Prime Minister David Cameron during his last Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons. See letter

Whilst admiring the amazing skill of so many of the finest footballers in Europe, I am left with the disturbing realisation that too many showed complete lack of honesty and sportsmanship.

Hardly a game was played without at least a yellow card being given to one or more for serious infringements of the rules.

These are supposed to be role models for our young people, their praises sung by parents and other adults!

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I lost count of those who were openly pushing opponents and pulling their shirts and even holding onto them with both hands, especially in goal-mouth situations.

When reprimanded by the referee, offenders complained, holding arms out in disbelief that their behaviour could in any way be seen as unacceptable.

Even the commentators occasionally remarked how someone made a cynical tackle.


As often as not the player tackled could have been so badly injured as to put his career at risk if not ended.

Then there are those who deliberately fling themselves down looking for a penalty!

Is there anything more despicable?

Anthony Craven

via email


Expect more of the same

Theresa May went missing during the European referendum, and left the fight for in and out to David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The out vote has left these three men finished in politics whilst 199 Tory MPs seem to think that they have the right to crown Theresa May as the new Prime Minister.

The size of her vote pales into insignificance at the hundreds of thousands 
that voted for Jeremy 
Corbyn to be leader of the opposition.

Theresa May is no different than any other member of the current government.

She has voted for cuts in services and austerity budgets which have incurred poverty on many people.

She voted against curbing pay day loans and against banking reform.

In the past she has voted to increase VAT and against curbing energy prices in 

She voted against building 100,000 affordable homes in 2013.

As Home Secretary for the past six years, police have seen their funding cut by £2.3bn with the loss of 18,000 officers and 5,000 community support officers.

Working people can expect nothing more than the same old Tory policies.

John Appleyard

Address supplied


Corbyn 1 Cameron 0

And so we had the final David Cameron vs Jeremy Corbyn Parliamentary Question Time on Wednesday.

Cameron stooped to yet another cheap, public-school-boy jibe at the opposition leader by saying Corbyn reminded him of the 
Black Knight in Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

This was after Corbyn had praised Cameron for his six years of dedicated service as Prime Minister.

Corbyn’s response to the jibe was to rise above it and thank the PM’s family, and indeed the families of all the MPs of the House, who had to make sacrifices so the elected members could serve the country to the best of their abilities. So the final battle ended Cameron 0 Corbyn 1 in my humble opinion.

Julie Jeffries

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