Readers' letters - July 18

Animal lovers, help us end illegal puppy smuggling

Wednesday, 19th July 2017, 11:26 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:19 pm

Dogs Trust is calling on the public to help put an end to illegal puppy smuggling after an undercover investigation revealed shocking and continued abuse of the Pet Travel Scheme.

Puppies as young as four weeks old are still being subjected to horrifying journeys across central and eastern Europe and smuggled into Great Britain to be sold to unsuspecting members of the public, many sick and without the right vaccinations.

After working tirelessly to bring the issue of puppy smuggling up the Governments agenda, there remains a reluctance to acknowledge the scale of the problem or to implement any effective change.

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Urgent action is needed to help transform the lives of these poor puppies.

Dogs Trust is asking people to show their support by writing to their own MP to ask them to support our campaign by writing to the Minister for Animal Welfare.

They can visit to find out how to help.

The campaign is backed by television and radio personality, Dermot O’ Leary.

Paula Boyden

Veterinary Director, Dogs Trust

More of us would vote Leave today

Many regret voting Remain in the referendum, persuaded by threats of doom from prominent figures such as Bank of England governor Mark Carney and President Obama, which proved to be a fabrication.

A referendum today would give a more decisive Leave majority, despite the Liberals and some other politicians rejecting democracy in favour of a corrupt bureaucracy.

Their failure to grasp the independent global outlook of the UK is understandable in many cases, where one or both parents have a non-British background.

In Brussels, we see Germany holding the purse strings and ruling the roost with politicians from other countries following, like sheep, the lead of those, such as Jean-Claude Juncker, who fail to hide their resentment at the UK not falling into line.

Ian Oglesby

Address supplied

Create cycleways away from roads

Re: Council unveils plan for miles of paths to encourage more bike use.

Putting cycle routes on Wigan’s road system is a very silly idea.

The roads are small, cramped and overcrowded.

This would be another strain on an all ready crippled infrastructure.

I welcome cycle paths, but not for the sake of blocking more roadways. Use the vast green spaces Wigan has in abundance and create cycle roadways away from the main road systems.

This is going to cause chaos and somebody will get hurt or worse.

Matthew Wilkes

via Facebook

Don’t narrow traffic lanes

Re: Council unveils plan for miles of paths to encourage more bike use. I don’t object to cycle paths unless they take away traffic lanes from motorists, thus creating more congestion.

No narrowing of carriageways should be created. If any of the proposals cause traffic chaos, they should be scrapped immediately.

Once these cycleways are up and running, a survey must be taken showing how many cyclists are using them.

This would then created a datum that future surveys can be compared against.

Andy Swift

via Facebook