Readers' letters - July 21

No need for an election

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 4:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st July 2016, 6:59 pm
New Prime Minister Theresa May makes a speech outside 10 Downing Street after becoming Prime Minister. See letter

John Appleyard closes his stinging attack on new Prime Minister Theresa May saying working people can expect the same old Tory policies (WEP July 15). I’m sorry but I’m a working person and so are the other many millions who vote Conservative, so I found that a rather insulting comment. In the letter, Mr Appleyard dwells on Mrs May’s voting record. To me that is completely irrelevant, she is now Prime Minister and, as such, I will judge her on her actions in her new role, not her past voting record. Also for the record, I don’t recall there being an election when Gordon Brown was crowned as PM by Labour. There is no need or logical reason for an election. The Conservatives were elected to serve the country for a term in 2015 and so they shall remain. Austerity is a necessary evil to stabilise our economy and the plan is working. The deficit is falling and the economy is growing. Theresa May, like me, is a One Nation Conservative, a label Ed Miliband rather amusingly tried to poach from us. She genuinely believes in building a better Britain for everyone and getting us out of the European Union. I wish her all the best in her new journey as Prime Minister.

Christian Cox

Address supplied

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I’d welcome Labour split

In the absence of a reply from Lisa Nandy to an open letter from ‘Labour Party Member’ to the aforementioned MP, can I say how much I agree with the writer (WEP July 19).

The New Labour attempted coup to oust Jeremy Corbyn will end up being about as successful as the coup in Turkey last Saturday.

Political egos were dented when Corbyn initially took power of the Labour Party and many MPs have – like the letter from Labour Party Member suggests – decided they know better than the electorate about which way the party should head.

I would welcome a split in Labour once Jeremy is given back his mandate to rule the party as it will weed out the back-stabbing Blairites.

Then the real Labour Party can focus on winning back the hearts and minds of those downtrodden by the current Government.

I only hope that Mr Corbyn gives certain MPs a second chance as I imagine some, including Ms Nandy, were hoodwinked by those who think they know better than the Labour party members.

Harry Francis,



Impressed by Jonathan

With Nigel Farage standing down as UKIP party leader, the campaign for his replacement is now underway. Nigel is a hard act to follow, so whoever takes over has to have those special qualities needed to lead the party to even greater future success.

That means that they must have the ethos that is required, along with the ability to unite the party, to appeal to the public, attract new members and be recognised as the new face of the party.

One name that stands out for me is Jonathan Arnott MEP, who I had the pleasure of serving when I was on the NEC and he was General Secretary. I witnessed his many abilities at first hand and was very impressed.

A former school teacher, he is meticulous by nature, trustworthy, capable and just the person that can take the party forward.

With the EU referendum won and preparation for Brexit about to begin, UKIP is on the next step in shaping the future of the UK and it is therefore important that we elect the right person as our leader.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP