Readers' letters - July 3

How is our billions of pounds worth of foreign aid given out?

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, 5:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:24 am

We are reminded that our contribution to overseas aid amounts to several billions of pounds per year, but little is said as to the form in which such aid is given.

Is it in regular transfers of funds to the banks of the recipient countries?

Or is it perhaps planeloads of foodstuffs, medical materials, etc?

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There have been suggestions that people in high places in these countries have pocketed these very large sums of money, instead of ensuring that their needy people benefit from our aid.

Would it be of greater and lasting effect to send teams of civil engineers and operators, together with mechanical equipment for drilling, (for water), road laying, dwelling place, hospital and other construction, etc, etc.

Local residents could be conscripted for general duties and be paid for so doing.

The British Army in the shape of the Royal Engineers and others could play a part in these contracts.

A possible side effect of such proposals is that if the locals were able to contribute and gain reward for this it might mean that they would be more likely to remain at home in their own country instead of upping sticks and emigrating to Europe.

Peter Fox

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If only June was the end of May...

I was hoping June would be the end of May, Theresa May that is. But it has not come to pass, sadly.

Harry Francis

Via email

Simon’s more smug than usual

Simon Cowell will be more smug than usual as the charity record went to number one. Yet Ed Sheeran’s new single only charted at 37. Perfect, it is called, not so perfect for this boring smug, irritating man.

Just wish he’d give up.

Lee Johnson

Via email

Foreign aid is miniscule amount

Re: Britain’s aid budget.

I was very interested to read J Bull’s idea (Wigan Post letters June 28) that the PM should “make an unbroken law” to ban foreign aid until we have better systems in place and fire proof cladding.

7p of every £10 of tax goes on foreign aid. This is a minuscule amount and knowing how generous and open- minded most British people are, an amount that most of us are happy to pay.

I’m looking forward to continuing to live in an outward-looking, inclusive Britain post Brexit, where the Government can increase the amount of foreign aid as well as increase aid to refugees living here if it desires, due to the savings we are told will happen when we leave the EU. I’m sure that’s the kind of Britain J Bull would like to live in as well.

Emma Green

Via email

Theresa has to be candid with us

Everything changes...

Buying power with a billion pound deal when nurses wages are being squeezed is dodgy.

Theresa May needs to be candid with us during the fluctuating Brexit negotiations.

Please, no more glib “nothing has changed” statements. Everything changes when a PM rashly ditches her majority.

What the public needs from their Prime Minister is candour with a capital C.

And austerity dumped in the dustbin of history.

Actions speak louder than promises of fairness on the steps of Number 10.

Max Nottingham

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