Readers' letters - July 31

Vince Cable '“ yet another dud leader for Lib Dems

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 5:55 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:30 pm

After a string of dud leaders, such as Paddy Ashdown, Nick Clegg and Tim Farron, the Lib Dems never seem to learn, and have now picked another proven dud in Vince Cable.

This is the man who, as business secretary, sold off the Royal Mail for a quarter of its true value and then had the nerve to tell us that it was a good deal.

He went on to brag to two women that he had declared war on Rupert Murdoch and had that power removed from his remit by David Cameron.

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Even now as leader of the Lib Dems, he is still banging on about a second referendum and cancelling Brexit.

When are the Lib Dems going to realise that it is this policy that is causing their demise?

They were all but wiped out in the 2015 general election and their share of the vote reduced even further in this year’s election.

The majority voted in the referendum to leave the EU, the Lib Dems need to accept this and get some real policies or they will disappear completely, and, with Vince as leader, the Lib Dems disappearing is a distinct possibility.

D Wood


Party is in a strong place

It has become rather fashionable to sneer at the Lib Dems but the party can take comfort from the steep rise in membership to over 100,000 and a strong group in the Lords.

Their small number of MPs is entirely the result of first past the post which cheats the smaller parties of their proper representation, making it difficult to obtain a hearing.

Sir Vince Cable is clearly the pick of an undistinguished set of party leaders and, as the reality of Brexit becomes more and more difficult to spin positively, the tide may start to turn. The party is in a strong place strategically.

Don Burslam

Address supplied

Hiding changes

to pensions?

Am I just a twisted old cynic or was it pure coincidence that the Government announced major changes to pension age on the same day the BBC revealed the pay of top presenters?

High BBC pay will always attract great media and public attention. What better way to obscure a damaging change to the lives of millions who, by a Government diktat, have been ‘robbed’ of thousands of pounds each?

Clearly the Government needs no lessons in media manipulation.

Roger Backhouse

via email

Highlighting bad news of drugs

Addicted Parents, what a very interesting programme.

It’s focusing on a rehab family centre where parents come with their kids and try to kick the habit. I found it quite upsetting that little ones are living in an environment where their mum and dad are constantly high.

If anyone is thinking of turning to drugs, watch this show. Once you are addicted, life will be one constant scrabble for the next fix. Drugs are bad news, never try them.

Jayne Grayson

via email

Is Theresa May a political parrot?

Has our PM swallowed a parrot, as Brexit and stability are constantly repeated?

The latter will never happen, no matter how much our false economy is forged. As for Brexit, that’s debatable.

G Ellis via email