Readers' letters - July 8

Learn from team of 1953

Friday, 8th July 2016, 5:36 pm
Updated Friday, 8th July 2016, 6:37 pm
A correspondent says England footballers should learn from a Hungarian 1953 team. See letter

While reading through an old football programme of the England versus Hungary match in 1953, I was amazed to read the who’s who of the Hungarian team.

This was an amateur team in the true sense of the word.

The team were given a few days off work to prepare for the game against England at the “home of football”, Wembley Stadium. In case you don’t remember the game, Hungary won 6-3 and the team were lauded as one of the finest teams ever, lead by the indomitable Ferenc Puskas.

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The foreword to the programme mentioned that the Hungarian team seemed to possess an abundance of stamina, no doubt due to the fact that they went in for cross country running in a big way.

They also practised gymnastics.

As for the team members, they all held jobs down.

Two were railwaymen, two were civil servants, they had an accountant, a machine tool maker, a university student, several clerks and a Member of Parliament. Amongst their interests, there were opera-goers, film buffs and two were talented musicians.

Oh, they also played football exceedingly well.

Compare that team to our current national ‘team’ who seem to spend more time at the barbers and giving press conferences than they do perfecting their skills.

They are vastly overpaid and yet are still touted as celebrities. Why? I ask myself.

The Sky Premier League marketing machine has a lot to answer for.

It’s little wonder that a proper team like Leicester won the Premier title and the Welsh team went far further in the Euros than our bunch of lazy overpaid prima donnas.

They could certainly learn a lesson or two from the great Hungarian team of the 1950s.




Leave won – accept it

Do the Remain voters not understand what democracy means?

The Referendum was a democratic vote by the people of Great Britain. Isn’t it about time you Remain voters stopped whinging and accepted that you lost a very fair way of voting?

We Leave voters knew perfectly well what WE were voting for – our country, our democracy and to be free of the bureaucracy and red tape of the EU and its leaders, who were never democratically elected to be where they are.

We are not racists where immigration is concerned, but surely anyone with half a brain can see you can’t put a gallon into a pint pot!

Maybe you don’t know imperial measures either!

Our schools, NHS and GP surgeries are just not coping with the extra people crowding into our country.

So, as I said, stop whinging and start joining together with the majority voters and let’s make this country great again, which it can be and was until the EU got its hands on it.

Remember the Second World War, we just got on with it, whatever was thrown at us.

I was on holiday in Florida the day 9/11 happened and the Americans panicked.

The lady in the shop in the hotel where we were staying said to me, “why can’t we be like you Brits? You just pick yourselves up and get on with it.

“We are running round like headless chickens.”

Yes, indeed that’s what we Brits do, no matter what.

Where’s your backbone?

As for Scotland, it is not a separate country and their vote would be counted in with ours surely.

That is democracy and they should accept the Leave vote with grace. If we had lost to the Remain, they would have said “tough, get on with it.”

Jacqueline Jordan

via email