Readers' letters - June 1

Drivers' bad habits could lead to accident danger

Thursday, 1st June 2017, 6:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:16 pm

Give me strength.

I’m used to coping with other people’s bad habits whilst driving.

However, after the same incident happening in two consecutive days , I feel it’s only a matter of time before someone causes a serious accident through insufficient knowledge of the basics of the Highway Code.

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Turning right at a roundabout on two separate occasions, two elderly ladies pulled out straight in front of me.

Both gave me a look as if I was in the wrong.

The second one, sounding her horn, incurred my wrath and I was amazed at the response that, as she wasn’t going round the roundabout, she 
had done nothing wrong.


You just couldn’t make it up.

It’s no wonder there are so many accidents with clueless idiots such as these at the wheel.

The number of drivers not observing red traffic lights makes my blood boil.

It leads me to think that, rather than concentrate on drivers who speed, the police would be far better employed looking into the horrendous bad habits of these drivers.


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Corbyn is no ‘Britain hater’

Am I the only person bored by media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s so-called links to the IRA?

Firstly, does it really matter that Corbyn pinned his colours to Irish independence or wanted a peace settlement in Northern Ireland that meant both sides shared power, not just one?

Time has confirmed that he was at least on the right side of history.

Corbyn’s meetings with Sinn Fein, ex-IRA members and former IRA convicts has been well documented by Britain’s press for years. It’s never been a secret.

Such meetings may not be liked by everybody, but at least they didn’t evade the issue, while arguably laying the groundworks for future formal negotiations.

Corbyn has always denounced terrorism, whoever commits it, and harping on about his ‘IRA-links’ is not only highly misleading, but becomes merely a cheap political shot aimed at somebody who seems to be gaining popularity day by day.

Corbyn’s consistent argument is that diplomacy must always be the first port of call in any conflict, particularly with UN involvement.

This is in agreement with international law.

Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle East has also been criticised by both academics and Britain’s own intelligence services, so it’s not rocket science to point out that something is failing.

Corbyn may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but to merely paint him as a ‘Britain hater’ or as a serial friend to terrorists is doing the man a serious and deliberate injustice.

Paul Dodenhoff

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John was part of our childhood

I was saddened to hear of the death of Blue Peter presenter John Noakes. He was such a part of many people’s childhood in the 1960s and 70s, an age when there was not hundreds of TV channels and social media outlets.

Millions of us tuned in to Blue Peter each week to see John’s daring and funny escapades. I remember to this day laughing at the episode with the baby elephant.

I am sure he will be long remembered in TV history and in people’s hearts. A lovely chap who is now to be reunited with his beloved dog Shep. RIP.

David Gibbs

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