readers' letters - June 1

Most of us want to leave

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 6:18 pm
A guide dog owner writes of his experience on a train. See letter

I have sent the following letter to Lisa Nandy, Yvonne Fovargue and Lord Peter Smith.

As parliamentary and council elected representatives of the people of Wigan, I would like to ask why you are not representing the majority of people in Wigan by supporting our intention to vote Leave in the forthcoming referendum?

I am proud to be part of a cross-party coalition group that, over the last few weeks, has been campaigning across the borough to persuade the people of Wigan to vote to get out of the economic disaster that is the EU.

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We, unlike yourselves, have been out and engaged with ALL the people of Wigan to gauge opinions and ask them to consider voting leave on June 23. Our job has been made very easy as the majority of people we spoke to have said they will be backing Brexit and have taken an interest in our campaigning. I was also bemused to see Ed Milliband, who led Labour to a disastrous defeat in the general election and condemned the country to another four years of self- imposed austerity, on the streets of Wigan.

When did that happen? It must have been on a weekday when most people were at work. It was yet another propaganda stunt to slant public opinion.

I therefore demand, on behalf of the people of Wigan, that you tell us why you are refusing to back what the majority of the people that you represent want... and that is to leave Europe.

I also suggest you call a public open forum meeting where your constituents can have a chance to question you on your UN democratic stance on Wigan’s opinion on the EU.

I would also recommend that, when you do represent Wigan, that you at least let ALL the people of Wigan know so that proper fairer debate can happen instead of a one- sided propaganda campaign in tandem with paid public servants, no doubt being funded by public money.

The message we seem to be getting from your voters seems to be that you are only ever seen at election time. And even then there is very little campaigning done by your councillors. They have a very blasé attitude to the electorate of Wigan and the voters are getting fed up of it.

David O’Neil

via email


A need for access for all

As the weeks fly by, it’s disturbing to hear of more access refusals to guide dog owners to a range of services.

From taxis and minicabs to shops and restaurants, each instance that we hear about is one that should never happen.

Why? Well the law is very clear indeed and those refusing us access are not only turning down business, they are challenging equality law which is there for a good and just purpose.

Travelling into work the other day, I was seated on a very crowded and extremely warm train. Not an ideal situation, but commuting is a pressured business at times. When I was about to get off the train with my guide dog, someone said to me that “people like you shouldn’t be allowed to travel at times like this”.

People like me? I must admit I did put my hands up to my head to see if I’d sprouted horns. People like me have the right to travel at these times, because we have the right like anybody to access services, jobs and opportunities.

We have the right to be mobile (hence having the wonderful assistance of great guide dogs). Support the #Access all areas campaign because it is really important to continue raising the importance of lifting barriers to choice and our rights.

Ian Beverley,

Address supplied