Readers' letters - June 2

Destroying our planet

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 5:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 6:42 pm
Siberian tigers are among the species expected to no longer exist in our lifetime says a reader. See letter

I would like to use this letters page to raise some concerns I have about this planet of ours.

I have come to the conclusion that the main problem is a particular species that sits proudly at the top of the food chain.

As they consume and destroy, they claim to be the custodians of our wonderful world.

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But they are treating the planet with utter disdain and without mercy as global habitats are lost at a frightening rate (indeed, the World Wildlife Fund states 10,000 species are becoming extinct each year).

Just some of the animals that are expected to no longer exist in our lifetime include the black rhino, the red wolf, the Siberian tiger, and the Sumatran orangutan.

One can only hope that aliens from outer space will come to the rescue and educate these crazed, greed-driven ‘custodians’ before it’s too late.

Harry Francis



Sovereignty given away

In 1972, Britain’s sovereignty was given away by Edward Heath in the most grievous act of treason in British history.

Treason has no legitimacy. So every following Parliament has been an unlawful assembly with no power to govern. Every Act and EU Treaty since 1972 therefore is null and void.

Putting foreign political agenda before sworn allegiance to Britain, British politicians have overseen the removal of our industry, fishing grounds, democracy, culture, rights and freedoms and replaced them with political correctness, unstoppable immigration, growing unrest and the beginnings of foreign cultural domination.

Our world class legal system, police service and armed forces have been wilfully decimated and billions squandered propping up the ruinous EU. Every day, £55m is sent to Brussels. We are instructed that giving up our country is good for us.

Remaining IN, our NHS will be killed off and our bank savings taken at will to plug EU debt. These are already planned.

Are you ANGRY enough yet – to vote Leave ?

Rex Poulton

Address supplied


Thank you to volunteers

This Volunteers’ Week (June 1 – 12), I wanted to say thank you to all of our volunteers for the amazing work they do supporting older people in England. Without our 25,000 volunteers in England, Royal Voluntary Service couldn’t operate. The work it does, whether it’s in our hospital shops and cafes or within the community, is essential to making sure the lives of older people are enriched and that they are better connected to others and their communities.

Volunteers’ Week is a great opportunity to highlight the role our army of volunteers play, who, without making a fuss or asking for any special recognition, give their time so generously to others. I’m taken aback every day by the support the charity receives and would like to thank all of our volunteers for their incredible work.

David McCullough

Chief Executive

Royal Voluntary Service


EU at risk

Irrespective of the result, the EU could tear itself apart in the near future and I would not wish to be any part of it.

Mike Smethurst

via email