Readers' letters - June 6

Animal welfare has been forgotten about in election

Thursday, 8th June 2017, 2:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 2:41 pm

I think animal welfare should be a major issue in this election.

The situation is dire, with hundreds of millions of animals and birds suffering legal cruelty – think of factory farms – and trivial punishments awarded for horrible illegal cruelty.

Obviously the political parties don’t agree with me.

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The subject isn’t mentioned at all in their campaigning.

Maybe we –sometimes called an animal-loving people – don’t care either, or we’d pester them about it.

By a short lead I’d say the Tories are worst.

It looks as if they want to keep and intensify the cruelty.

They’ve broken their promise to get wild animals out of circuses; they’ve told police to ignore the illegal hunting that goes on countrywide and aim to legitimise it by scrapping the act; and they want to add to the annual countryside bloodbath of hunting, shooting, poisoning and trapping by backing the senseless badger cull.

What kind of people are these folk who want to rule us ?

Mike Maas

via email

Promised Land offers plenty

It’s really good to know that, after June 8, my grandchildren will receive 30 hours of free childcare from the age of two, attend schools which have class sizes of 30 children or less, be able to go to university and not pay anything towards the cost of their education.

That myself, my wife and my children will all be able will be able to see a doctor without having to wait, attend hospital and be seen within 18 weeks of a referral being made, because we will have a fully-funded health and social care system with more staff who are better paid, as will all other public sector workers.

That the price I pay for my gas, electricity and water won’t increase, I can travel on trains whose fares are being capped, my mail will be delivered at least twice daily, and finally, what I am really looking forward to, is receiving a substantial pay increase like everyone else in the country because we deserve it, don’t we?

The really good thing about all this and much more besides is that it won’t cost me a penny more, because it’s going to be paid for by those ‘nice rich people’ and generous companies who won’t put their prices up, or move elsewhere.

All I have to do is vote for Labour and the ‘promised land’ will be there for me, won’t it?

David Gaunt



Know diabetes, fight diabetes

This year marks the 20th anniversary of when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Having been at four Olympics, I thought my chances of competing in another one were non-existent but I quickly learned from medical professionals that the condition can be managed.

Diabetes remains a huge health crisis and it’s on the rise. About 4.5 million people in the UK are living with diabetes. That’s why I’m really keen to make more people aware of the work Diabetes UK does. They would love to have support for Diabetes Week which is taking place from June 11 to June 17.

The theme this year is Know diabetes. Fight diabetes. During this week, the charity would like to encourage people with the condition to share their experience, to help and inspire others. Visit

Sir Steve Redgrave