Readers' letters - June 7

Ariana Grande gave us a lesson in strength and love

Thursday, 8th June 2017, 2:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 2:46 pm

I was heartbroken about the terror attack in Manchester.

To witness via TV the atrocity, the death and wounding of such young people, mostly beautiful young girls, was 
truly heart-wrenching.

I was not previously aware of the adoration of Ariana Grande’s fans and the more I watched and read the news, the more I was bemused.

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Then the concert in Manchester was arranged and I decided to watch it to see just what the fans saw in Ariana.

Well, I was moved to tears at more than one point in the concert.

What a remarkable young lady, beautiful inside and out.

I presumed, wrongly, she would sing a few hits and that would be it.

I was very wrong, she was full of empathy and love and produced a truly wonderful evening for all.

What a lesson in strength and love and respect and caring.

I was so impressed and now see just what the young fans see in her.

The whole evening was truly inspiring and she renewed the love and hope of all her young fans at a time when they needed just that.

Christine Abram

via email

Massive youth unemployment

It is perhaps not surprising that Lib Dems and Labour Remainers avoid talking about the EU itself.

Things like the massive youth unemployment throughout southern Europe, reaching 40 per cent in Italy, 48 per cent in Spain and nearly 50 per cent in Greece (EU figures, 2015).

Nor do they mention that the EU overturned democracy by forcing out the elected leaders of Italy and Greece to install EU technocrats.

But the financial position of much of the EU is equally rotten. Eurozone banks have non-performing loans (NPL) of 5.4 per cent, estimated to be over €1 trillion. By comparison, the UK’s NPL is just one per cent. Italy’s bad loans are estimated to be €350bn alone.

Someone will have to bail out these toxic loans to avoid widespread Eurozone bank collapses and sovereign debt crises. That someone is the EU taxpayer. As long as the UK remains a member of the EU, we are exposed to these enormous financial liabilities too. We need to get out – fast.

Nick Martinek

via email

We must show we’re not sheep

Psychologists would tell us that if a person feels the need to go on trying to reassure themselves that they are, for example, “strong and stable”, that this is a sure indication of a lack of self confidence.

Mrs May is a good example of this. By constantly trying to convince us, she is demonstrating she is not at all strong and stable. Strong people do not need to go on like this.

In contrast, someone like Jeremy Corbyn has no need to do this. He is so comfortable in his own skin that I doubt if it ever enters his head to wonder if he is a strong leader.

But he has demonstrated powerfully by his resilient resistance to the constantly hostile attacks by 90 per cent of our press and, indeed, the opposition from many of his own (careerist) MPs just how strong and determined he really is. Leadership is about listening not shouting.

Mrs May wants us all to be sheep and she would lead us to disaster. For example,the NHS is the one great achievement which marks us out as a truly civilized country, anyone who threatens to destroy it is a barbarian. We must show we are not sheep and have minds of our own.

Graham Chadwick

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