Readers' letters - June 7

Vote Out for '˜dark days'

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 4:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 5:33 pm
To stay or leave? But there is a third option says a reader. See letter


There’s three ways to vote

In terms of damage limitation, wouldn’t it make most sense for the public to spoil their ballot papers and emasculate this dreadful EU referendum? Remain are unconcerned that over the last 40 years we’ve given away power over our laws without a single ordinary citizen approving it. Leave want to take an action that will lock us out of the EU forever, lead to short-term economic issues and open a path for separatists to break up Britain. If we ‘vote none,’ the least damage is done.

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I am writing this letter to ask local people to consider the third, least damaging option. Spoil your ballots on June 23 and let’s put our faith in real democracy.

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Jonathan Hawkins

via email


Trust helps out families

I am a very proud father to four energetic girls. I’m lucky that my girls are all fit and healthy, although I know how helpless you can feel when one of your children is hurting even in a relatively small way.

As Father’s Day approaches, I find myself considering that unimaginable situation of having a child with a life- threatening or illness. I am a proud supporter of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, a charity that supports families caring for a seriously ill child. The Rainbow Trust can help by supporting every member of the family – even the ‘strong’ silent dads. Please make a £3 donation by texting 70111 or visit

Austin Healey

Former England Rugby player and Rainbow Trust Ambassador