Readers' letters - March 1

Shocking the world

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 3:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 4:06 pm
Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor for The Revenant at the Oscars. A reader agrees with his speech  but not his actions  on climate changeLeonardo DiCaprio wins best actor for The Revenant at the Oscars. A reader agrees with his speech  but not his actions  on climate change

Finance ministers warn Brexit would be a global shock.

Ministers meeting at the G20 in China warn of a ‘shock’ to the global economy if the UK leaves the European Union.

Meanwhile, George Osborne reminds us that the referendum is ‘deadly serious.’

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You bet your life it is.

Only now are we seeing the true power of the British people and, moreover, why it is so important to keep us lashed to the likes of Poland, unable to make our own decisions, unable to make our own laws stick. Bottom line is that it wouldn’t suit G20 members to see Britain great again.

A shock to the global economy?

It would be an even greater shock to Germany, and the whole of the EU.

If Britain leaves the EU, the whole credibility of the place comes into question.

Just look at the power we wield – to have the same effect little Russia would have to nuke the USA.

Every day that passes, it is becoming clear that leaving the EU is our best option.

We are a bigger economy than France and, without us, the EU would be much less than it is now and therein lies our power – to leave and renegotiate or leave and go it alone.

Where is our self-belief and why do so many politicians believe we are so hopeless at what we do that we need the EU’s rickety Zimmer frame to prop us up? Come on Britain, get some guts and let’s get back to facing the future with confidence and make Great Britain greater still by trading with a shocked world.

Joseph G Dawson,

Address supplied

Cameron: ‘A nasty man’

I have written to 10 Downing Street to inform David Cameron he is a bully.

Week after week at Prime Ministers Questions, Cameron engages in disgusting tactics to ridicule his opponents.

Whilst this behaviour may give the appearance of a strong leader, it actually takes an immense amount of self-control to ignore Cameron’s vile attacks. The final straw was Cameron’s aggression towards Mr Corbyn’s dress sense and the quality of his suits.

Mr Corbyn’s dress sense has nothing relevant to the issues of the day, being Mr Corbyn’s support for junior doctors.

To bully your opponents like Mr Cameron does, week after week, for politics, should not be accepted and, for me, demonstrates what a nasty man of a Prime Minister we have here in our country.

Michael Moulding

Ashton in Makerfield

Leo’s right

I do cringe at times when a millionaire actor acts in a self-righteous way and tells us how we should live. And yet, while Leonardo DiCaprio may be a hypocrite, flying around in a private jet, he is unfortunately right in what he says (if not what he does) regarding climate change.

Without humans, the climate would still change – gradually. As it is, with human over-population, pollution, and the relentless destruction of animals’ habitats, we have speeded up the process. Destroying the environment affects all animals. Unfortunately we often forget, that, despite our superior attitude, we are animals too.

Jane via email

Too many cars

I struggle to park in my street, at work I have to park half a mile away from work. It’s simple, there’s too much traffic. It’s only a matter of time before traffic around our cities will become totally gridlocked.

Darren Collins via email