Readers' letters - March 20

We could still be tied down by our European neighbours

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 4:45 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:12 am

Section 2015-024 of the Lisbon Treaty states that if Article 50 is not triggered by March 31, 2017, we will lose the right to leave the EU unilaterally and to repeal the European Communities Act 1972.

At that point, Qualititive Voting kicks in and we will need 14 countries to agree exit. If no agreement, we will be tied to the EU.

Yet it seems the people never had a say on the serious issue of the Lisbon Treaty giving away our rights as an independent sovereign state when, in 2007, Gordon Brown signed without the referendum promised in the Labour Party Manifesto.

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In addition, it is claimed that many MPs subsequently signed having neither seen nor read the 3,000-plus page document it only being lodged in the Commons Reading Room at 11.45 on the morning they were voting to ratify it. Apparently, Gordon Brown was challenged in the courts over his reneging on the election promise of a referendum with his barrister declaring “New Labour manifestos, promises and contracts are not subject to legitimate expectation” (Section 2013-020 – the value of party manifesto).

Ultimately, Brighton County Court is said to have dismissed the case on the grounds that the public ‘should not expect promises or contracts made in New Labour manifestos to be kept’. Worryingly, Chapters 13 and 14 of the Lisbon Treaty are also said to state the treaty is self-amending, allowing the European Commission to alter its content without involving any elected politicians.

What price, therefore, openness, honesty and democracy for the masses at either EU or government.

Mary Steele

Via email

Hatred is force behind Brexit

The fact that the Scottish National Party is happy to be subservient to Brussels but not to Westminster suggests that they and their supporters are motivated by hatred of the English: Just as English Brexiteers are motivated by hatred of all foreigners but the English-speaking countries.

Brian H Sheridan

Address supplied

Scottish want another vote

Just 30 months ago, Scotland voted to stay part of the UK. The Scottish Nationalists, by their own admission, declared it a “once in a generation” event. And now amazingly, they want another vote. But just two years later? And they call that a “generation”?

Dai Woosnam

Via email

Leavers not in the majority

The disagreement about the size of the majority in favour of Brexit can be researched by a bit of arithmetic. Some 75 per cent or so of the electorate voted by those 52 per cent said ‘leave’ and 48 per cent said ‘remain’. Thus, of the entire electorate, 52 per cent of 75 per cent – ie 39 per cent – of the electorate said ‘leave’.

Allan Davies

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Commons failed

Re: EU. The Commons did not take the steps it could have to make time to seriously consider the Lords amendments - one of which would have provided more stability and security for citizens from other parts of the EU currently fearing for their future in the UK, the other of which would have ensured a substantive place for MPs in considering the outcome of negotiations.

Natalie Bennett

Former Green Party leader

Send HS2 to the scrap yard

Due to the fantastic results of the Brexit Referendum provided by a forward-thinking population, May we embark on another? The subject would be HS2, the biggest, multi-million vanity project of the moment! With luck and good fortune we could confine it to the scrap yard herewith

Mr R Turner

Address supllied