Readers' letters - March 28

I read with a mix of interest and bemusement about the 'success' of the guided busway service (Wigan Post, March 22).

I am sure Mr Burnham is correct when he states that the service has brought a great deal of benefit for the people of Leigh and Tyldesley, but from my viewpoint in Hindley Green, that 
is where the success 

Hindley Green was for decades served by the 32 bus – a regular, direct, link from Wigan to the heart of Manchester.

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Last year, with the introduction of the guided bus, we saw this service initially amended to terminate at Ellenbrook and, last month, cancelled altogether – with the V-2 proudly championed as an alternative.

As recently as 2010, the 32 provided 24 buses every weekday, with Piccadilly Gardens just an hour away from Hindley Green, as well as other crucial locations en-route, such as the cemetery at Howe Bridge.

Now we have an alternative with changes, multiple tickets and a journey time often in excess of 90 minutes.

The common sense solution would be to extend the V2 service to provide a like-for-like replacement of the 32 between Wigan and Atherton.

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Mr Burnham is, however, correct with his assessment that the service has persuaded some commuters to change their habits, although in Hindley Green that was more through necessity than choice.

John Thomason

Hindley Green Liberal Democrats

Planning needs to be improved

I read with interest D Wright’s comments about the half marathon road closures (Wigan Post Letters, March 25).

As said the half marathon road closures were very heavily publicised, the times of road closures were displayed on lamp posts, et cetera, from 9am onwards.

Then why were said roads CLOSED at 7am?

I’m sorry but I was not happy with the situation.

I planned my journey around said closure so I was absolutely fuming, and that is an understatement.

It was ridiculous.

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Other people in town have lives as well, so I do understand fully why drivers get impatient.

At 5pm some barriers were still not removed.

Planners need to get their act together in future and remember there are other people in this town.

Sharon Fitzpatrick

via email

Diabetes and Easter eggs

If any of your readers, or someone they know, has diabetes, they might be wondering if they can eat chocolate and other sweet treats at this time of the year.

Well, it’s a myth that you should eat diabetic chocolate. In fact, Diabetes UK’s experts recommend only eating small amounts of ordinary chocolate and avoiding diabetic chocolate completely. This is because diabetic chocolate offers no special health benefits over ordinary chocolate.

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If you do have diabetes, try to only eat chocolate as a special treat and don’t eat lots in one go as it affects blood sugar levels.

Some of us might also like an alternative Easter present. What about flowers or a book? If you’re looking for new recipes for healthier meals, then visit

Stephen Ryan

Head of the North

Diabetes UK

Hold yet another referendum

I’m sick of the squabbling as to whether or not Scottish people want another independence referendum.

Politicians have vested interests and pollsters are frequently wrong.

Let’s settle it once and

for all by holding a referendum to see if Scots want another independence referendum.

John Eoin Douglas

via email