Readers' letters - March 31

Facing the risks of UK's massive Brexit gamble

Friday, 31st March 2017, 5:36 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:28 pm
European Council President Donald Tusk with the letter from British Prime Minister Theresa May, invoking Article 50 of the blocs key treaty, the formal start of exit negotiations

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – the historic day Article 50 was triggered.

What will the next two years of European trade negotiations bring for the UK?

Speaking as a remain voter, I think all the uncertainty during this ‘limbo’ period over the next two years or more will be damaging for business economic growth.

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We are entering into very uncertain waters. UK investment or business expansion decisions could well be placed on hold or even scrapped as a result of all the speculation.

In the same way would you board a plane with confidence if you had doubts about its condition?

The UK joined the European Union in 1973. Great Britain is a respected leader in commerce.

Do the likes of The Prime Minister, The Governor of The Bank of England and City business leaders really know what will happen over the next two years?

My guess is they don’t know what will happen and are blind folded into a battle of negotiations.

Did the referendum voters really understand the economic complexities of Brexit?

Or was it more of a vote on immigration etc?

The referendum was a massive gamble for The Government and the British public. Experts, economists and the Government will face a difficult few years ahead.

It’s my opinion that Britain will now face greater economic risks than the rest of EU.

I hope our economic growth continues in a positive way and does not fall victim to the inevitable butterfly effect of Brexit.

Stephen Pierre

Via email

Do you know a special child?

This year it will be my great pleasure to host the WellChild Awards 2017, in association with GSK, paying tribute to some of the UK’s very special children, young people and caring professionals.

And I would like to appeal to your readers to get involved!

I am calling on readers from your area to nominate inspirational children and young people who have defied the odds in the face of serious illness and the selfless nurses, doctors, brothers, sisters and friends who help care for them. This is your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve at a prestigious event regularly attended by WellChild Patron, Prince Harry.

Nominations are now open so please get your nominations in before the closing date on May 1.

Visit or call 01242 530007. The winners will be selected in May.

Gaby Roslin

WellChild Ambassador

Taking transport services away

Re: Reader’s letters, Bus service has been a change for the worst (Wigan post, March 28).

Try living in Atherleigh.

No buses to and from Manchester pass anymore so I have to catch a bus into Leigh then to Manchester, which adds more time to the journey, so now I am unable to get a job in Manchester again.

Not only that but now there are no buses that pass Swinton or Walkden so again I am limited to where I want to work. For years before my kids, I always worked in Manchester.

Stupid to take things away just for an over-rated busway.

Pamela Latheron

via Facebook

New busway works for me

Re: Reader’s letters, Bus service has been a change for the worst (Wigan post, March 28).

I’m biased because it stops at the end of my street and gets me into Manchester in 15 minutes for a couple of pounds.

Clean, tidy, punctual and free wifi.

What’s not to like?!

Paul Jones

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