Readers' letters - May 10

Don't blame baby boomers '“ we should be appreciated
Should baby boomers contribute to todays generation?Should baby boomers contribute to todays generation?
Should baby boomers contribute to todays generation?

The recent claim by a so-called ‘think-tank’ that the baby boomer generation, having had it so good, should now contribute to the millennial generation by paying more National Insurance and tax to enable youngsters to benefit by being awarded a £10,000 lump sum is utterly ridiculous.Frankly, myself and many of my baby boomer generation are getting thoroughly sick of the current attitude that, because we managed to succeed in our careers, managed to earn enough to buy our houses, and managed to save a few pounds, that we should be penalised for it.Yes, it’s unfortunate that some of the younger generation are struggling to buy homes, but in all fairness, how is that our fault?Most of my generation worked hard and saved hard. We didn’t max out our credit cards, buy things we couldn’t afford, spend thousands and thousands on over-the-top weddings just to emulate silly celebrities, buy expensive cars, and we didn’t fall for payday loans – we tried to save up for everything, and if we wanted children, we waited until we could afford them, unlike some these days. A lump sum of £10,000 isn’t going to help them at all – many will squander it, having no financial common sense. I think our generation had far more of a grasp of finances, frankly. We, the Baby Boomers, built this nation up to what it is now and our efforts should be appreciated: unfortunately it appears we are now being seen as fair game when really it’s the politicians who are at fault for the mess we’re in now.Karl SheridanAddress supplied

Talking but not walking awayIt’s lonely at the top – and for Theresa May, it’s getting lonelier every day.She’s been talking the talk about leaving the EU but latest reports reveal she is still not actually walking the walk away from Brussels.Proposals for a ‘customs arrangement’ as opposed to a ‘customs union’ is really a matter of semantics as either way we would still be at the mercy of the EU and unable to freely make our own trade deals.The ‘customs arrangement’ would create frightening layers of bureaucracy and ironically such red tape is among the many reasons people voted for Brexit.Our Prime Minister is painting herself into a corner and must stay strong as otherwise she risks betraying the 17.4 million who voted for independence and for which she will not be forgiven. Not only is her job on the line but the future of her party.Paul NuttallNorth West MEPUK Independence Party

Lib Dems – best party to vote for

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Brexit is a warning to the world.The choice: A party that caused the Windrush scandal and the Grenfell Tower scandal or a party with a leader who hates progress and human rights.The only sane party is the Liberal Democrats and the only mature, sensible leader is Vince Cable. The electorate are afraid to vote for the Lib Dems because they believe that it is a wasted vote. The wasted votes are for the Tories and Labour, none other. Unlike other Remainers in this country, I could not vote for any party that supports a bogus sham referendum that mocks democracy 100 per cent. Stephen Bennettvia emailReform and replace Lords

Membership of the House of Lords needs reform. No ex-MPs. No ex-civil servants and no one who has worked in politics, councils, the EU etc. No one under 35 and nobody over 75. No lawyers of any description. No judges.What this country needs is an Upper House drawn from people who have experience of the real world – engineers of all the disciplines, medical doctors, plumbers, scientists (not political scientists as there is no such science), chemists, entrepreneurs, joiners and unskilled workers like dustmen. Such people would have far more knowledge of the world, how it works and its problems.Don WoodAddress suppliedStop blaming each other

For goodness sake, stop blaming each other for not being able to sort out the customs union. It’s the EU that’s being awkward and the opposition parties are not helping the issue. This is an all-party issue to respect the referendum for leave. If the EU doesn’t like it, so be it.Jarvis Browningvia email