Readers' letters - May 18

Many reasons to vote out

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 4:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 6:21 pm
Revellers enjoy the Glastonbury music festival  but its not rock and roll to miss the EU referendum vote says a reader
Revellers enjoy the Glastonbury music festival  but its not rock and roll to miss the EU referendum vote says a reader

I will be voting to leave the EU in next month’s referendum. Why? For starters, do voters realise that, if they vote to remain in the EU, they should be aware that if things don’t go the way David Cameron and his ilk are telling us, as it most definitely will, you won’t be able to vote the EU bureaucrats out! Ever! The reason is that they weren’t elected in the first place and could and will keep their well paid jobs just as long as they want to. You call that democracy?

This is unlike the democracy that we enjoy in Great Britain. That is, every four years we have the chance to vote out the present government for another one, no matter what political persuasion you are.

Once you vote to remain in the EU, that’s it. You’re stuck with at least 10,000 more than generously paid bureaucrats who will be making laws. Stupid and absurd laws that will eventually change the face of our beautiful country.

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The other thing to consider is that, if we vote to remain a member of the EU, then just what IS the point of having a Parliament of MPs, who will have no power at all to reject what will be forced upon us?

If that happens, I will support the abolition of Parliament because we will just not need it. Will it happen though? Never, but you as voters and taxpayers should be aware that we will be paying money just to keep MPs who will no longer be necessary because we are being ruled by the EU, whom we pay for anyway… and generously, too.

We’re told jobs will at risk if we leave. But I put to local MP Lisa Nandy: “Being in the EU hasn’t helped the 40,000 steelworkers who are to lose their jobs, has it? So staying in the EU doesn’t help one jot, does it?”

To date, she hasn’t replied.

David Cameron said if he didn’t get a good negotiated deal, he would accept leaving the EU. What deal? He got nothing.

He didn’t mention all the doom and gloom that would accompany leaving the EU, but now he has dramatically changed his tune. Is he in line for a gold-plated job on the gravy train that is the EU?

All he’s bothered about are his rich buddies with large companies who can make even more profit by employing desperate migrants who will be competing with our indigenous population for jobs. He’s only in it for HIM.

Do you think our NHS isn’t under enough pressure without access being made to it to potentially millions more immigrants? The same goes for our overloaded roads, not forgetting our schools. Just think on that as you ponder how you’ll manage to get appointments at your local surgery or hospital, or where you want to send your children to school. These are massive things to ponder about.

Having watched the excellent documentary, Brexit: The Movie, I know which way I shall be voting on June 23, for the sake of keeping what we have, not only for us, but for the generations to come. I also always thought we joined the former EU as a trading market only. Remember? The Common Market?

Now we’ve been slowly, but surely, enveloped into a massive one-state nightmare. We’ll be ruled by Germany one day and it won’t be that far off. Vote OUT on June 23.

P B Fowler,



Be rock and roll and vote

The referendum takes place on June 23, right in the middle of the Glastonbury Festival. This means many students may miss out on a vote that will affect them more than any other group. They should be told they need to get a postal vote. They need to make sure they are registered by Tuesday, June 7, and that they have been put on the postal vote list. It is not rock and roll to miss the vote to listen to music.

Terry Bennett via email