Readers' letters - May 19

Both EU and Royal Family are unelected

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 11:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 11:56 am
A correspondent says the country should have an elected Head of State

One reason people like myself have opposed Britain’s membership of what was originally just a Common Market is a democratic one. I never liked the idea of decisions affecting our future being decided by unelected people who don’t live in the UK, nor share its values and history.That same belief in democracy leads me to be opposed to the Royal Family and all it stands for. We should have an elected Head of State, not one who acquires the role through accident of birth.Now critics of such a development say that we could get saddled with someone like Tony Blair. But the beauty of democracy is that if someone becomes unpopular, we, the voters, can chuck them out just as we do with unpopular governments. And those who believe the monarchy has the backing of the people should be aware that attitudes can change over time. I mean, how many would have wanted Prince Charles as King if the Queen had passed away not long after Princess Diana?The latest bout of Royal insanity ahead of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle shouldn’t stop us from having a serious discussion on what type of ruling system we have.Tim MickleburghAddress supplied

Comments wrong and offensive

It used to be that people looked up to and respected those in authority. Sadly that is no longer the norm and when we get moronic comments from a deputy governor at the Bank of England, it is hardly surprising. Ben Broadbent has described the economy as having entered its “menopausal” phase, being past peak productivity.Not only was his choice of metaphor offensive but his comments about productivity come at the same time as figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest that Britain’s jobs market is continuing to defy expectations. They show that employment has hit a record high and wages have grown at the fastest pace since 2015. I’m afraid Project Fear 2 is alive and well and living in the higher echelons of Remoaners. But they are out of touch with both reality and the mood of the country. Theresa May may not be moving as fast as I’d like but we are still heading for the EU exit door. Roll on prosperity.Paul NuttallNorth West MEPUK Independence Party

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Unite against dementia

I want to encourage your readers to unite against dementia and take action to fix dementia care.An Alzheimer’s Society investigation has discovered that 50,000 people with dementia were admitted to A&E across the country in the last year, because inadequate social care is leaving them unprotected from falls and infections. This is a 70 per cent increase in the last five years, which tallies with cuts in social care funding.Successive governments have shirked the issue of our threadbare social care system. People with dementia are now forced to rely on services so starved of funding that they’re unable to protect them from harm and the doors of A&E, let alone provide specialist care and support. The Government must work out how it will deliver high quality social care to everyone with dementia who needs it, and at a fair price. Find out how you can take a small action to make a big difference at ParkerAlzheimer’s SocietyI’ll be mowing lawn insteadI for one will not be celebrating Prince Harry’s wedding to Megan Merkel. I have better things to do, like mowing the lawn. The present Queen has been a great monarch, but the rest of them leave a lot to be desired. There is no one to really replace her.The standards that she has set over her reign cannot be matched by her children. They are out of touch with the rest of the general public.I think that, when the present Queen passes, it’s about time to get rid of these hanger-ons and let them get a proper job. Most of the Queen’s children have been divorced – not a very good example to set the rest of us mere mortals Alan Warnervia email