Readers' letters - November 21

There's simply no excuse for not wearing a seat belt

Friday, 24th November 2017, 3:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:46 am

The wearing of seat belts when driving is simply a no- brainer.

Drivers who choose not to wear seat belts should expect the punishment they rightfully deserve, including having penalty points added to their licence.

There can be no exceptions unless accompanied by lawful reason.

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The law states you will wear a seat belt when driving, including passengers being carried, for safety reasons and the safety of fellow motorists in the event of an accident.

It is only the idiot element of drivers who choose to disobey the law.

Sensible, law-abiding motorists do not have an issue wearing seat belts, as statistics prove only too well.

Perhaps the law should be changed, especially for those motorists who choose not to wear a seat belt, whereby their actions result in injury being caused to others.

In such circumstances, those offenders should be sent on a short holiday at one of Her Majesty’s hotels.

There can be no excuse for blatant stupidity.

Shaun Kavanagh

via email

Stop harassing cyclists on roads

Following a warning that loneliness is as bad for human health as a long-term illness, Swedish scientists have found that having a dog in the home reduces the risk of heart attacks and other fatal conditions, especially in people living alone.

Also, there’s the benefit from the exercise of walking a dog, plus the social benefit of talking to other dog lovers.

Just as exercise from walking a dog is beneficial, so is riding a bicycle.

However, when people ride a bicycle, they are often subjected to abuse, harassment, and close passes.

If a dog owner was threatened countless times every time they took their dog for a walk, it would surely make them ill.

Last year in the UK, over 120 cyclists were killed, and hundreds more were injured to the point of giving up cycling, or being disabled.

How many dog walkers were killed and injured? If all dog walkers were constantly harassed because of dog fouling, it would be unacceptable. So why is the constant harassment of all cyclists acceptable because a few jump red lights?

Isn’t it the case that aggressive dogs and aggressive drivers are ‘no good to man or beast’?

If we had tougher laws to rid society of ALL manner of aggression – before it kills – it would surely improve the nation’s health no end.

In the wrong hands, motor vehicles can be as lethal as bullets and bombs.

Allan Ramsay


The solution to homes shortage

It is vital that the Government lifts the cap on the amount councils can borrow to build homes and remove that borrowing from contributing to the national debt.

That is essential to provide a sustainable long-term financial framework for councils to invest in desperately-needed new homes.

All social housing must be treated the same and council housebuilding must be part of the solution if we are to stand any chance of solving our chronic housing shortage. The Chancellor needs to use the Autumn Budget to let councils borrow to build again.

It is also important that housing associations continue to work with councils to provide the affordable homes our communities need.

Coun Martin Tett

Local Government Association