'Something must be done about these dangerous dogs'

With regard to these large dangerous dogs that are terrorising Wigan Flashes, it’s high time council officers did something about them.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 11:35 am
People are worried about aggressive dogs prowling the towpath near Pearsons Flash

Dogs have already been mauled to death. What is the council waiting for? Everyone knows how popular Wigan Flashes are for bird watchers, dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, photographers etc.I was once a regular visitor there but I was told by two friends not to risk going there until these dogs are removed permanently and the owner caught and fined.Other people will do the same. These dogs will keep away people from up and down the country, who come to visit the area. As the school summer holidays are coming soon, there will be kids out there as well. These out of control dogs must be stopped before someone gets killed and, with the size of these dogs, it is a possibility.The owner, whoever they are, has no sense of responsibility, otherwise this scenario would not have happened.They don’t seem to care what their dogs get up to once they are released on to the Flashes.Wigan Council sees itself as the listening council. Maybe they will listen this time and do their jobs and get these animals removed for good.I have also been told that the council is waiting for the police to act and the police are waiting for the council to act so until one of them actually gets their fingers out, the Wigan public, who pay council tax and pay towards the police, have to risk being attacked by these dogs.This situation should have been sorted by now and not just swept under the carpet, hoping it will just go away because it won’t.I, for one, will be going nowhere near the Flashes (how many more will think the same thing?) until these dogs are removed.I think it’s also time to get in touch with MPs Lisa Nandy or Andy Burnham if nothing still gets done about this.Steve Heatonvia email

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