'Support for our public libraries is long overdue'

Do libraries need more support? See letterDo libraries need more support? See letter
Do libraries need more support? See letter
Libraries are a valuable resource for all of us, valuable for our communities for education, entertainment and enlightenment.

They are also often the only place for those without the resource of a computer to access the internet.

Libraries are access to knowledge, and knowledge is power.

The library books I have read have entertained me, moved me and changed my life.

Libraries are unarguably a bastion of civilisation.

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Since the start of austerity, there have been hundreds of libraries and thousands of library staff lost across the UK.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a petition calling on the government to protect library services by ringfencing government funding for libraries.

The petition can be found at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/228742.

Support for libraries is like the library books I forgot to return on time – overdue.

Matthew Smith

via email

Let’s have some vision for towns

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Re: Closure of Wigan’s Marks & Spencer store confirmed for this year (WP January 17).

I can’t believe it. The town is so depleted. I went to Bolton recently and its centre was positively vibrant by comparison.

We’re going the American route – out-of-town retail parks and shopping malls with eateries.

Someone, somewhere has got to have the vision and will to breathe new life into our town centre.

Sherre Newman

via WP Facebook

Shops in soulless retail parks

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If only these big companies realised what they are doing to small towns.

They’re pulling shops out and putting them in soulless retail parks with absolutely no atmosphere and killing off town centres.

Marksies is the heart of Wigan town centre in my opinion. The staff are so lovely, especially in the cafe where I’ve witnessed many older people being looked after by them, either after a fall or if they were feeling unwell.

People go in there to have a cuppa and chat to the person on the next table.

You don’t get that in your Costa or Starbucks.

Caroline Hunt Jones

via WP Facebook