The Liam Farrell column: Let's hear it for the boys!

It was really hard for me when I heard the news Josh Charnley and Dan Sarginson would be leaving us at the end of this season.
Liam Farrell and Josh CharnleyLiam Farrell and Josh Charnley
Liam Farrell and Josh Charnley

Josh has been around the club for a smilar length of time I have and during that time he’s become one of my closest friends.

I’m really disappointed he won’t be here after this season but he’s taking on a new challenge and taking himself out of his comfort zone.

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Josh has done a lot for the club and provided us with so many memories.

His strike rate will be hard to beat - and will be a benchmark for others coming into the team.

And I’m sure he’ll go okay in rugby union when his time at Wigan is finished at the end of the season.

He has a determination to do well which will see him through any challenge.

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Speculation has already started about where he will play when he moves to Sale but I can’t see him going anywhere else but on the wing in rugby union.

That position is his specialism. He’ll have to learn a few things but he’s definitely up to the challenge.

Sarge is very similar in that we will all miss him when he leaves.

He has really bought into the Wigan culture but he will suit the NRL. His style of game will go well with the faster rucks over there.

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One thing about Sarge we will miss massively is the work he gets through. He often helps the middles out of trouble when they are blowing. No matter where you put him, he’ll give you 110 per cent - and I’ve also learned a lot from him while he’s been here.

Now the rest of the boys want to make sure they both leave on good terms just as much as they want to leave us having had some success - so we’ll helping each other out in that respect.

We will always have people leaving - that’s the nature of sport - and things like this will always happen, but Wigan’s system means we always have good people coming through.

Oliver Gildart really has a chance now to make that centre spot his own and coming through you have the likes of Jack Higginson shouting for spots.

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Moving on to the field and we had decent wins over St Helens and Hull KR over Easter.

Elements of our performances were scratchy but over the bank holiday weekend the most important thing is that you pick up as many points as you can.

We’ve always gone well over Easter and we set a goal five or six years ago that we were going to have a good crack at the weekend and it has helped us focus at this time of year.

There are other pieces to it as well. Our squad helps us out as well as the conditioning staff, so it’s a number of things put together which are why we tend to enjoy the busy weekend.

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The wins over Easter have set up our clash with Warrington tomorrow night very nicely.

These games are always big but this is the top two teams and the winner will go clear at the top of the table, which is where we want to be.

It was a goal of ours to have a good start because we didn’t start well last year - and with seven wins out of eight games, we’re looking okay at the moment.

But we still haven’t performed to our best yet, so it’s even more improtant that we’ve been getting wins.

We have a high standard but our defence has saved us a few times this season when our attack has been off.

Once we sort that we’ll be really hard to stop.

Liam Farrell was talking to Tom McCooey