Pensioner reversed into flower bed

An elderly woman had a miraculous escape after she reversed her car through a neighbour's fence and fell through a flower bed.
Denshaw, in Up HollandDenshaw, in Up Holland
Denshaw, in Up Holland

Paramedics assisted the 97-year-old out of her Vauxhall Corsa down a five foot drop in Denshaw, Up Holland, at 3.50pm on Wednesday.

Fire crews also attended to make the vehicle safe.

The woman did not receive any injuries, but was shaken up.

Crew Commander Simon Connor, of Wigan Fire Service, said: “The elderly woman was reversing off her drive but pressed the accelerator by mistake. She went backwards through the road, through a fence and shot off the end of the wall and ended up down a four or five foot drop onto a flower bed. The car was stuck.

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“The woman was okay - she was helped out of the car by paramedics. She was just a bit shaken up but she had a lucky escape.

“There was not too much damage - other than the fence and a gnome got smashed.”

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