Beautifully written messages of hope and peace placed in Wigan woods

If you go down to the woods today, you might be in for an artistic and uplifting surprise.
The messages and slogans are all about hope and positivity in tough timesThe messages and slogans are all about hope and positivity in tough times
The messages and slogans are all about hope and positivity in tough times

That’s because Wigan artist Brian Whitmore has been creating trails of calligraphy art through the local beauty spots near his home during the current coronavirus lockdown.

Brian, who lives in Hindley, has been leaving the beautifully-penned slogans of hope and positivity attached to trees and logs during his daily exercise at Amberswood and Low Hall Nature Reserve.

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He says he has been delighted to find messages on social media from fellow walkers finding the unusual artworks a source of solace at a tough time.

He said: “I was in limbo myself with my projects being postponed and my working studio closed and everything is a bit doom and gloom at the moment so I hit on the idea of doing this calligraphy trail.

“I pin or hang them to the trees or leave calligraphic pebbles of positivity in various places around Amberswood Flash and Low Hall.

“They look lovely swaying and twirling in the breeze, I’m really pleased with them.

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“I’d like to think my fragments of calligraphy have lifted people’s spirits in these dark, worrying times.

“It’s a nice gift to people when they are all feeling a bit low at the moment. It’s a random act of kindness.

“It seems to have struck a chord. The response on my Twitter feed has been amazing.

“It has been such a lovely, mindful rewarding thing to do for my wellbeing and I hope in return that it is helping others with theirs.”

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Brian has been practising the time-honoured art of calligraphy for more than 35 years and runs workshops to pass on his skills as well as selling his creations at art fairs.

He is also one half of a company called Redfolio, which has worked with The Brick in Wigan, and is also involved with a Salford concern helping people with mental health conditions.

To see videos of the calligraphy or find out more about Brian’s work, follow him on Twitter @BrianTheScriber

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