Borough pension inequality campaigners prepare for regional rally and continue raising awareness

Campaigners for state pension equality in the borough are preparing for a major regional demonstration to force the issue back up the political agenda.
Wigan and Makerfield Waspi is continuing its campaignWigan and Makerfield Waspi is continuing its campaign
Wigan and Makerfield Waspi is continuing its campaign

Supporters of Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) will join protestors from a number of similar groups at MediaCity UK next month for a rally called The Great Pension Robbery.

Other news: Wigan man sent string of distressing messages to neighbourGroups fighting for fair transition arrangements for women born in the 1950s are concerned their battle is slipping down the news agenda so will gather at the BBC’s northern headquarters to make their voices heard.

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Around a score of people from the two Waspi groups in the borough which cover Wigan and Makerfield and Leigh respectively have already said they will be there.

Wigan and Makerfield Waspi co-ordinator Jan Fulster said: “The Great Pension Robbery is the idea of one woman from Manchester and it’s a good way of getting all the pension groups together.

“We want to make the media realise we are a force to be reckoned with and we are not going away.

“A lot of demonstrations have taken place in London and a lot of ladies here can’t travel down for financial or health reasons so it’s good to have this one in Manchester.”

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The campaign for women’s state pension equality is currently having to play something of a waiting game until the result of a judicial review is announced.

In the meantime the Wigan and Leigh group is continuing to raise awareness of the position women who will not receive their state pension until later than they originally thought might find themselves in and preparing for a trip to the corridors of power.

Ms Fulster said: “We recently met Lesley O’Halloran from Wigan Council to talk about getting information out to the libraries. We are very fortunate the council is so helpful.

“We will also be at Wigan Pride this weekend and we’re also going down to parliament in October with our Waspi champion Coun Pat Draper to meet our local MPs and tour the building.

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"We’re also hoping to go to Prime Minister’s Questions.”

The Great Pension Robbery at Salford Quays is on September 7. Wigan and Makerfield Waspi’s next meeting is at The Venue on August 27 at 6pm.