Call to find hero who helped man having cardiac arrest in Wigan

The man gave CPR until the ambulance service arrived.
An aerial shot of Kilburn Drive where the incident happenedAn aerial shot of Kilburn Drive where the incident happened
An aerial shot of Kilburn Drive where the incident happened

The victim's family said the stranger's intervention could well have saved his life.

And they would like to make contact with the person to thank him properly.

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The dramatic incident happened shortly before 4.30pm on Thursday October 1 on Kilburn Drive in Shevington.

The man was driving past, having possibly come out of Lyndon Avenue, and stopped his car and got out when he saw what was happening.

He then gave CPR to the man having a cardiac arrest until paramedics got there.

However, by the time the crew had got the man into the ambulance the first aid hero had driven off from the scene.

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David Moakes, the son of the man who had a cardiac arrest, said: "The paramedics who had to shock my dad's heart and resuscitate him told me that my dad only survived because of the man's actions. I would love to find out who he is and thank him for helping my dad.

"My mum can’t remember the colour of the car but seemed to remember someone mentioning his name was possibly Tom or something like that. If anyone could help I would be really grateful.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) confirmed it received a call at around 4.20pm and took a man in his 70s to Wigan Infirmary.

Anyone with information about what happened or who the person who gave CPR was can email Wigan Today at [email protected]