Close shave as blind woman cuts hair for hospital that saved Wigan boy

We’re all desperate for a lockdown haircut after months of going without - but you wouldn’t expect a blind person to do it for you.
Amanda Robinson takes on the challengeAmanda Robinson takes on the challenge
Amanda Robinson takes on the challenge

That is exactly what Wiganer Amanda Robinson has done to raise money for the hospital that saved the life of little Archie Musgrave.

The seven-year-old has made an excellent recovery since contracting meningitis B and sepsis in 2018.

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And he has the Burns and Plastics Department at The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to thank for still being here today to tell his story.

Pictured from left to right are Amanda Robinson, Catherine Barr and Katie BellisPictured from left to right are Amanda Robinson, Catherine Barr and Katie Bellis
Pictured from left to right are Amanda Robinson, Catherine Barr and Katie Bellis

Mobile hairdresser Katie Bellis organised the lockdown haircut challenge in the garden on with Amanda and Catherine Barr, Archie’s grandmother, who volunteered to have her hair cut.

Katie, from Spring View, Wigan, who runs Bellissimo Hair, said: “Myself and two of my aunties decided to come up with a unique way to raise some money for an amazing cause.

“Having been a qualified hairdresser for 15 years now, I have taught and trained people to cut hair, however this is a first for me.

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“I managed to talk my Auntie Amanda, who is totally blind, through cutting my Auntie Cathy’s hair.

Archie MusgraveArchie Musgrave
Archie Musgrave

“It took around an hour and a half and we followed all government guidelines and all PPE was worn.”

Her Auntie Amanda has Rheumatoid arthritis and was registered blind when she was 12 but totally lost her sight around 20 years ago.

Katie said: “She can’t even tell the difference between light and dark, so she really did do amazing and is an inspiration.”

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The challenge has seen the women raise £1,400 for the hospital.

Katie, who is cousin’s with Archie’s dad Joe, said “This is a charity close to our hearts, as Archie was sadly diagnosed with both meningitis and sepsis, but this amazing hospital saved his life.

“We owe a great deal to them and are forever grateful for what they did.

“Archie is doing well and he is was going to have a couple of further operations on his feet and legs but we’re not sure when this will happen.”

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Archie has taken part in a number of charity events for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and other charities.

In April Archie and his parents Kate and Joe pitched their tent in the back garden of their Hindley Green home for a sleep-out organised by homeless charity The Brick.

To donate money visit

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