Commendation for heroic Wigan dad who saved woman's life at train station

A Wigan dad has been recognised for his heroism after saving a woman’s life as she tried to leap in front of an oncoming train.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 3:00 pm
Damian Metcalfe with his commendation

Damian Metcalfe, a platform staff member at Wigan North Western, has received a commendation from British Transport Police for stopping a woman from taking her own life earlier this year.

The dad-of-two from Hindley tackled the woman to the floor after she tried to jump into the path of a train travelling at 80mph through the station.

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Damian, who coaches wrestling at Aspull Warriors gym in his spare time, said he approached the woman after seeing her standing alone at the station.

“She was wandering up and down the platform,” he said. “She wasn’t being erratic or anything, I went to speak to her being polite.

“She asked when the next train was, so I asked where to and she said ‘anywhere’. I knew then that something wasn’t right.

“I got a feeling. She was really nice, she wasn’t crying but she kept looking up at the board.”

Concerned for the woman’s welfare, Damian asked her to come for a walk and took her under the walkway to another platform.

He asked if she needed any help but she repeatedly told him that she was okay and did not need any assistance.

“An announcement came on to say that the next train would not be stopping at the station,” he added. “That’s when she dropped her bag on the floor and ran for it.

“I was standing at a point where I could see her sprinting for the platform. So I rugby tackled her. I kept hold of her and she just broke down in tears saying ‘let me go’.

“The police came and took her and she got the help she needed. I believe she was kept in for treatment.”

Damian said that he constantly keeps his eyes open when on the platform as he believes there is “always someone” with suicidal ideation.

“I have had a few people tell me that they want to do it at the station,” he said. “But this was the worst. She didn’t say anything she just did it. It isn’t always obvious. I always keep my eyes open.”

Damian received the commendation from the police at an awards ceremony in Leeds.

He has previously been given a lifesaver award from the Samaritans for a another incident.