Darcie's cakes prove to be a treat for charity

A little girl proved she had a big heart when she took to baking for a good cause.

Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:06 pm
Updated Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:08 pm
Darcie and Emma Aspinall

A little girl proved she had a big heart when she took to baking for a good cause.

Darcie Catterall only turns four this week but wanted to do something for the Wigan-based DoIt4Loui charity after having swimming lessons with the organisation last year.

DoIt4Loui was set up by Emma and Gavin Aspinall in 2013 following the tragic drowning death of their son Loui on holiday and it spreads the awareness surrounding infant swim survival.

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Darcie Catterall

And a lot of Easter leftovers inspired Darcie, who lives in Hindley and attends the Blue Stone Nursery in Leigh, to put the chocolate to good use rather than eat it all herself or bin it.

Darcie’s mum Rebecca said: “Darcie got a lot of Easter eggs but, to be honest she’s not a big chocolate fan. She’ll have a nibble and that’s it, so there was a lot left.

“I suggested when her older cousin was coming round that they melt the chocolate down to make cakes which they did.

“When I went into the kitchen there were about 50 and I said ‘you can’t eat all of those. What are you going to do with them?’

“Well I said they couldn’t sell them for profit so I said ‘why not sell them for charity?’

“Darcie asked what charity was and I told her it was helping people. She said ‘well Emma helped me with my swimming last year’ and so it was decided that she would sell them for Doit4Loui.”

Darcie set up a stall at the top of the street and, after Rebecca plugged the sale on a local social media group, they were soon gone, so fast in fact that they had to make some more.

In the end she raised £100 then took the money to Emma.

Rebecca said: “I am very proud of her.”

Darcie had swimming lessons with DoIt4Loui at Legends gym and health club on Swan Lane, Hindley Green.