Dashcam footage of Wigan car crash divides opinion

A Wigan man has shared shocking dashcam footage of a collision with another driver, who pulled out in front of him at a junction.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 1:31 pm
The White Peugeot can be seen pulling out in front of the motorist, who caught it all on dash cam

The controversial footage, which has split opinion on social media, shows a woman in a white Peugeot pull out into the path of the oncoming van.

Following the incident, which occurred near McDonald’s in Platt Bridge, a woman can be heard screaming at the van driver saying that he “nearly killed” her baby.

A speedometer at the bottom of the film shows that the van driver was travelling at 31mph at the time of the collision in a 20mph zone.

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The White Peugeot can be seen pulling out in front of the motorist, who caught it all on dash cam

However, the motorist said that the 20mph zone was not clear because of a distinct lack of signage.

In a post to Facebook, he said: “The road is 20mph, but the sign on the junction was the only one and the attending police officers agreed there wasn’t adequate signage and it was her fault.”

“The female driver had her licence for one week, and that is a courtesy car while her own is in the garage for repairs.

“No injuries, apart from my ears from that delightful Wigan accent.”

The woman, who is clearly distressed, can be heard blaming the van driver, telling him he has “no idea” what he has done.

A baby can also be heard crying in the background.

Some people have jumped to the defence of the distraught mum, saying that the motorist behind the dash cam footage had time to slow down.

Others say that the woman had “no leg to stand on”.

One social media user said: “Looking at the footage you’re actually travelling your fastest speed of 32mph at point of collision.

“There is no attempt to brake, its like you actually speed up.”

Another, however disagreed with this, saying that the dash cam driver was “not to blame” because the area was not clearly marked as a 20mph zone. He said: “This 20mph zone is unenforceable so I’m not surprised the cops didn’t raise it as an issue.

“A 20mph zone must have repeater signs along with traffic calming measures (speed bumps/chicanes) this road has none and only one small 20mph sign just before the crash. The van driver is not to blame, the woman in the Peugeot hasn’t got a leg to stand on.”

We have been asked to point out that the driver of the car in the video is not the person heard screaming and is not the mother of the child. The driver was an 18-year-old girl and the woman shouting is her friend.