Family delighted by kind-hearted bin crews

Waste collection employees have been taking a minute during their busy work schedules to brighten up the lives of youngsters at one borough address.
Martyn Sharkey, Alyssa Knowles and their sons George and AlbertMartyn Sharkey, Alyssa Knowles and their sons George and Albert
Martyn Sharkey, Alyssa Knowles and their sons George and Albert

Alyssa Knowles, from Astley, told how she and her young sons George and Albert Sharkey stand at the window to wave as the crews as they empty the bins every week.

She says the workers always take a moment to wave back, which particularly thrills one-year-old Albert who is “obsessed” with the trucks.

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And she was even more impressed with the council employees when they came over and presented the boys with goodie bags.

Alyssa, of Meadowsweet Close, said: “We always stand at the window waiting for the trucks and the bin men always wave to us.

“My youngest is obsessed with the bin wagons. This year with the pandemic we’ve been able to watch them do their job.

“Last week they took the time to come over and gave the boys goodie bags. They were absolutely over the moon.

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“I just think it’s really nice. The crews are always so polite. They are different bin men who come each week too and they are all lovely.

“At a time like this when everything is quite uncertain and people are feeling down to see something like this, a simple act of kindness, is just really nice.

“It took them less than a minute to give them the goodie bags but it made my boys’ day, they were talking about it all day.”

Wigan Council thanked Albert for always waving to their employees as they come round collecting Astley’s rubbish and to Alyssa for her kind words and highlighting the crews’ gift to the boys.

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Paul Barton, director for environment at the town hall, said: “Our waste crews have, and continue to work tirelessly throughout the pandemic, to make sure that no disruption is caused for local residents.

“It’s amazing to see that their spirit hasn’t dampened at this challenging time and I’m so proud of each member of staff across the workforce.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Albert for cheering our crew up whilst they carry out their vital work.”

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