Here are the Wigan borough roads the council has authorised to close for jubilee street parties

Her Majesty The Queen’s platinum jubilee weekend is now just days away and many Wiganers are going to party.

Here is the definitive list of roads in Wigan borough to which the local authority has given permission to close between June 2 and 5.

In some instances only parts of roads are to be sealed off. If the entry says “closed from” but does not include “to” afterwards then it means the other end is a cul-de-sac.

June 2

Residents of Greenways, Standish held a Royal street party in 2011 for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Harvey Lane, Golborne, from its junctions with Whitlow Avenue to Edgeworth Road.

Kirkwood Close, Aspull, from No 16 onwards.

Millers Lane, Platt Bridge, from No 50 to the junction with Collinge Street.

Park Crescent, Wigan, from Park Road.

Seatoller Place, Norley, from Borrowdale Road.

Wayfarers Drive, Tyldesley.

June 3

Annesley Crescent, Goose Green, from one junction with Newstead Road to the other.

Broadacre, Standish, from Oaklea to Marple Close.

Brookfield Street, Leigh, from No 33.

Brookland Avenue, Hindley, from Francis Street.

Burnsall Avenue, Lowton, from Crossdale Road to Alder Road.

Chiswell Street, Pemberton, from Conway Street.

Clegg Street, Astley, from High Street.

Coniston Avenue, Orrell, from Douglas Drive to Thames Drive.

Delphside Road, Orrell, from Brooklands Drive to Millcroft Avenue.

Ennerdale Road, Hindley, from Windermere Road to Rydal Avenue.

Farm Meadow Road, Orrell, from Meadow Gardens to Foxwood Close.

Forbes Close, Hindley, from Ward Street.

Greenlea Close, Orrell, from Sallowfields.

James Place, Standish, from No 24.

Laburnum Avenue, Ince, from Church Street to Woodlands Avenue.

Legh Street, Ashton, from Park View to Flora Street.

Meadowacre, Standish, from No 5.

Milton Grove, Orrell, from Masefield Avenue to Shelley Drive.

Runshaw Avenue, Appley Bridge, from Woodnook Road to No 11.

Somerville Road, Whitley, from St Aubyns Road to St Clements Road.

St Oswalds Road, Ashton, from Vicarage Road.

Strathmore Avenue, Ashton, from Wentworth Road to No 17.

Walter Scott Avenue, Whitley, from No 55.

Wasdale Road, Ashton, from Yewdale Road to Daleside Avenue.

Weymouth Drive, Hindley, from Crossdale Road to Lulworth Drive.

York Street, Leigh, from Dorset Street to No 283.

June 4

Abbey Road, Lowton, from Canaan to Glastonbury Avenue.

Alexandra Street, Newtown, from No 21 to No 33.

Bannister Court, Shevington, from No 3 to No 25.

Briar Close, Hindley Green, from Crossdale Road.

Brookside Road, Standish, from No 9 to No 35.

Carr Common Road, Hindley Green, from Heath Gardens.

Chapel Street, Pemberton, from No 76 to No 110.

Coach House Drive, Shevington, from No 12 to No 76.

Covedale Road, Platt Bridge, from Lune Road.

Cypress Road, Pemberton, from Heather Grove (Ryde Street) to Almond Grove (one way).

Garden Vale, Leigh, from Nel Pan Lane.

Heather Grove, Ashton, from Upland Drive.

Holgate Drive, Orrell, from Moor Road.

Kenhall Road, Leigh, from Manchester Road.

Kenilworth Road, Lowton, from No 20 to No 47.

Kenford Drive, Winstanley, from No 16 to No 20.

Kent Avenue, Platt Bridge, from Ribble Road.

Lowood Street, Leigh, from Scott Street to Norbury Street.

Market Street, Atherton, from Crab Tree Lane to Smith Street.

Martland Crescent, Beech Hill, from Lingfield Crescent to 1f

Oak Tree Close, Atherton, from Johnson Street.

Rothwell Road, Lowton, from Lowton Road.

Stanley Street, Tyldesley, from Shuttle Street to Meanley Street.

Thames Drive, Orrell, from Coniston Avenue to Mersey Road.

June 5

Beefold Lane, Atherton, from No 48.

Belmont Avenue, Bickershaw, from Rivington Drive to Church Avenue.

Cromer Drive, Atherton, from Chichester Avenue.

Earl Street, Swinley, from Duke Street to Swinley Road.

Gavin Jones Grove, Bickershaw.

Hamilton Road, Hindley Green, from Conway Road.

Hawthorn Avenue, Hindley Green, from Ludlow Avenue to No 9.

Hesketh Drive, Standish, from No 1.

Langley Close, Golborne, from Lowton Road.

Monmouth Crescent, Ashton, from Lincoln Drive.

Walmsley Road, Leigh, from Eyet Street to Coniston Street.

Wensley Road, Lowton, from Craven Avenue to Osborne Road.