RSPCA releases first images of deer being rescued from canal at Wigan Pier

Deer rescue at Wigan PierDeer rescue at Wigan Pier
Deer rescue at Wigan Pier
This is the moment two stranded deer being rescued from a Wigan canal after they were spotted frantically struggling to get out of the water.

Two deer were spotted swimming in a panic in the water at Wigan Pier on Monday morning, prompting the RSPCA and fire service to come to the rescue.

RSPCA Inspector Matthew Brown took the call at 5.30am and rushed to the canal to find the deer frantically trying to get out of the water.

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Concerned that the wild animals would quickly become exhausted Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene and, working with Inspector Brown and Inspector Johnny Brooks, were able to guide them to safety.

The deer stuck in the waterThe deer stuck in the water
The deer stuck in the water

He said: “There’s no way these deer would have been able to get themselves out of the canal on their own as the banks either side were just too steep.

“If it weren’t for the quick thinking member of the public was out and about so early and called us for help it may not have been such a happy ending for these animals.

“We’re so grateful to the crew from Wigan Fire Station who were able to spare some time to help us out and rescue the deer. We are always so appreciative of their help.

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He added: “Once the deer were out of the water, I knew I had to work quickly to check them over to limit the stress they were under. I was confident they were not physically injured by their ordeal so released them back into the wild as it was still very early and quiet.”

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