We are Wigan: celebrating our town, people and spirit

Today we launch our We Are Wigan campaign to celebrate everyone and everything that is good about our borough.
Becky Hewitt was grateful for the efforts of Lisa GlynnBecky Hewitt was grateful for the efforts of Lisa Glynn
Becky Hewitt was grateful for the efforts of Lisa Glynn

We asked you tell us about the people who have made a difference for you during the coronavirus pandemic: from your loved ones, neighbours and work colleagues to NHS staff, delivery drivers, clergy and teachers.

And you certainly did not let us down, with so many heart-warming tales of the people who have gone the extra mile to help you out and make you smile.

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You shared your stories of the important things being done by your parents to allow you to keep working, your partner for holding your hand when it mattered, NHS staff caring for you and your loved ones, friends who have done your shopping and the businesses that helped with everyday essentials.

Catherine Hankin praised her neighbours Doreen and Jimmy WestCatherine Hankin praised her neighbours Doreen and Jimmy West
Catherine Hankin praised her neighbours Doreen and Jimmy West

Times may be tough for many people right now, but it clear that Wiganers are pulling together and there is plenty of community spirit in our borough.

Jessica Friar: My carers and my family as I was diagnosed with a condition that has no cure in May 2020. Being 28 and hearing those words wasn’t nice. They said I can get better, with therapy and physio but will never be 100%. Was in hospital in May too during lockdown. X

Deborah Mcgahey Guthrun: I made a new friend at the start of all this. I live alone and so does he. We formed a bubble, and have kept each other going. Thank you Brian Fearn.

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I work in a dementia home. It’s been hard going but you do keep going for the residents because they need you. Heathside EMI.

We Are WiganWe Are Wigan
We Are Wigan

Karen Knowles Sharp: My fab Slimming World Wigan North team Barbara Steane , Carol June Littler Debbie Wigan Hannah Bolton Lynn Murphy Zara Louise who have kept working so hard to support our fantastic members. It’s more like an extended family

Lauren Lavin: My partner delivered our baby girl at home when my waters broke and she wouldn’t wait, at the same time he was looking after our two and one-year-old boys. Also my mum for being our childcare bubble and looking after our boys while baby and I spent three nights in hospital

Janet Ward: All ICU staff at Wigan Infirmary who have and still are caring for my husband.

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Nicola Roe: Made a new social media friend through the first lockdown of 2020 Rebecca Atherton, we have now become best friends! Although we still haven’t managed to have a girls night yet with lockdown after lockdown and being mothers but she has kept me smiling on some of the days I’ve felt mega low. And is always there to talk too

Emma Pickering has enjoyed seeing artist Brian Whitmore's workEmma Pickering has enjoyed seeing artist Brian Whitmore's work
Emma Pickering has enjoyed seeing artist Brian Whitmore's work

Elaine Jarnell: My daughter Kate Jarnell and my neighbours have been helping me so much by going to the local shop for me

Janet Ingham: My daughter Diane Holden and my niece Linzi Feast. Also Stephanie Rowley, my daughter who cares for others in The Meadows Mental health unit in Stockport, has to stay away due to Covid. Her sacrifices of not seeing family help keep us safe.

Kian Hanbury: Blessing in Disguise has been great; also armed forces have been amazing helping us through very tough times

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Emma Foster: My husband Mark. We’ve had a lockdown baby who’s 10 months and also a child with complex disabilities. I’ve been really unwell for months after the pregnancy. He’s been my rock. He’s worked all the way through. Got up in the night with them both. Helps me with both kids as soon as he gets home. Without him I know I wouldn’t have coped

Cate O’Kane: I want to give a shout out to Zena D’Souza, one of my oldest friends who lives in Springfield. She has been a star supporting my parents in Wigan with food deliveries and check-ins. I live in the US and have not been able to get home, while my brother lives in Cornwall and has not been able to visit either. Zena has been wonderful keeping them safe and feeling loved. On top of this she is an essential health worker, a loving mum, partner and daughter and just a superstar. Thank you Zee.

Shirley Ormesher: My mobile phone. It’s kept me in close touch with family here and USA. My daughter, my grandson and my church

Amanda Buckley Tyrer: Leigh St Thomas’s School have been amazing from the start of the pandemic to now. Making uplifting videos, supporting children and parents alike. They are a credit to our local community

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Helen Duell: All of the staff at Westfield Start Well Centre for all of their support for babies and children and to expectant and new parents through their online support, videos and resources. Such a stressful time to be expecting a baby or a new parent and they’ve worked none stop to ensure support is available

Leanne Rigby: GMP made my boys day for his second birthday sirens and lights just for him. Seeing him so excited made it all worth while. He’s obsessed with emergency services and I can’t thank them enough for doing this

Paul Knowles: The NHS. My wife has had a kidney taken out, suffered two heart attacks, undergone dialysis and had a blood clot and pericarditis from June last year. She’s still here and had first vaccination. Thank you

Becky Hewitt: I would like you to make a special mention to my wonderful friend Lisa Glynn. Where do I start? She is Wonder Woman putting everyone else before herself, she is a keyworker working through this pandemic but not only that she is a morris dancing coach who is keeping all her dancing family supported. She has delivered food to us, she has safely at a 2m distance checked we are all okay, made a group to keep all the kids and adults spirits’ up at this unfortunate time. This lady is fantastic. She doesn’t give herself enough credit for what she does for us all as well as her little family and grandbabies. We love this lady and I think she should be recognised and thanked for all the wonderful things she does xxx

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Adam Buxton: My wife Lauren Buxton has been a rock through this whole thing taking care of both our kids whilst I work through both lockdowns, homeschooling and trying to keep sane. Without her we would have all lost our minds. She’s amazing

Mike Horrocks: Carrie Byrom and the team from Stable Lives in Parbold. They have helped members of the NHS and other key workers with respite days. Stable Lives provides a calm safe place and uses equine therapy to help people’s mental health.

Rosemarie Jones: My wonderful postman. He calls every morning, always has a word and is always smiling

Lynzie A Ellison: Louise Leyland and Shevington Village Kitchen have kept our community safe by doing deliveries to the vulnerable and people who needed it.

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Kirsty Hampton: All the staff at Platt Bridge Community School have being amazing through the lockdowns, including in the summer holidays keeping school open so key workers can still work

Mandy Gilligan: Wigan Tesco Grocery Delivery Drivers, the postman/postwoman

Joanne Wray: I like to say the whole of Belong Wigan. They have done a brilliant job all the way through this. Then there’s Gillian Menguy and the staff at Willow House supporting each and every one of us and the residents as well. We are all champion

Natasha Harris: Clare King who works in Wigan ICU. Also a fantastic friend who will help you with anything even if she is busy or has her own problems! She’s an amazing person. Thank you for being that one person everyone can turn to.

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Jean Mckeown: My husband, family and friends, work colleagues at Woodlands Court, Rita Higson, Aimee Porter, Shirley Balfour, Shelley Dunn,Ruby Jo Jo, and all other work colleagues. We’ve all pulled together and supported one another, and especially the residents. They make our jobs worth doing.

Andy Worthington: Julie Croston has been an amazing neighbour. She has dropped meals into Dad regularly, asked him if he needs anything when she goes to the shop. Julie also helps all the other neighbours in the street. She’s a gem and we can’t thank her enough.

Joanne Marie: My friend Tracy Brogan working throughout this pandemic , caring for the vulnerable/elderly and going the extra mile to make sure their needs are met

anne hayton: My two Jack Russells Jake and Teddy have helped me enormously. No matter how I feel, they always greet me with bright eyes, wagging tails and welcoming paws. Plus, they have also made sure I get my daily exercise!

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Catherine Hankin: Our lovely neighbours Doreen and Jimmy West. The past 12 months they have looked after us when we have had to shield and again when we both had to isolate and were poorly with Covid. They collected our shopping for us, brought our bins in and have generally made sure we were OK with either a text or a shout over the fence. Being over 70 themselves, it should have been us looking after them, but circumstances have meant it was the other way round. We are forever grateful for their love and kindness

Marie Priest: My lovely friend Tracy Carney goes above and beyond to do anything. Without fail if she doesn’t see me in work always checks up on me and my son.Not just for me but everyone she can help she does from dropping Sunday roasts off to those who are poorly to arranging special treats and messages for everyone

Emma Louise: My three children. I have had to shield so they have got me through plus social media to keep in contact with people. I’m thankful for all the delivery drivers at asda always so friendly and happy x

Teri Blinston: The matron nurses and carers domestic kitchen staff at the convent in Parbold who have worked so hard throughout this pandemic keeping everyone safe

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Debra Pratt-Howarth: Margaret Heaton from St Luke’s in Orrell has been wonderful. She found my grandparent’s grave for me so that my father could be interred with his parents as was his last wish

Lynn Marie Hurst: My mum Sarah Louise Melling-Hurst. I’m in university studying Mental Health Nursing which I’m finding it hard due to the pandemic and all my lessons being online and not really learning much! My mum doesn’t really have a clue about the course, the uni work, she goes to work and never really has much time to herself, however she still finds the time to help and support me as much as she can. Also my Auntie Lisa Melling who is a nurse working during the pandemic but has found the time to support and help me complete assignments that I’ve struggled with. Thank you both for all your help! ❤️❤️

Anita Gormally: My husband he has had to go to work all the way through this with precautions obviously but he still finds time to make sure I am safe I only go out when I really have to

Keona Oakes: To all the delivery drivers bringing our online shopping and all retail staff.

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Teresa Tighe: My sister Madeleine Lucas we chat each day on WhatsApp as l live in Canada she’s still in Wigan. She bucks me up when I need it even though were miles apart she can still uplift my heart

Jan Mann: My next door neighbours. Carol and Paul Eaves have been amazing. During self isolation due to my husband having cancer and operation, Paul found the fault on our land line was not our phone. Carol has shopped for me. I cannot thank them enough.

Rachel Ashurst-Walton: My in-laws, Wayne Clark & Karen, without their help, neither myself or my partner would be able to work through this whole situation, from childcare, to teachers, to just general support & a brew when needing to vent, they’ve been there every single second. And we cannot thank them enough. They’re our local heroes

Brenda Smith: My dear friend in Bulgaria he made pandemic much more bearable by sending me pictures and videos of all my favourite places where he would know I used to go on holiday he would walk around the resort and local areas and do various commentaries in the best of his English ..lets hope I meet him again soon.

Adele Brown: Sunshine House Community Centre

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Emma Pickering: I really do think a mention of Brain Whitmore the scribe should be mentioned. He has been delivering message of hope and love throughout the year in places Low Hall nature reserve and Menses Park. Every time I find a stone or a leaf it lifts the heart.

Sam Prescott: Doctor Gatenby from Pennygate Health Centre. She has gone above and beyond a doctor’s role in helping me care for my husband who’s on end life care, just video chatting and ringing to see how I am and how he’s doing, in this busy time for them she has stepped up not backed off will forever be grateful

Danielle Selby: Use ‘ya’ loaf, in Atherton. Use ya loaf is a non profit organisation which offers surplus food to the people of Atherton and surroundings. None of the staff take a wage they are all volunteers. They are open 6 days a week and as well as offering food at a greatly reduced cost they are also working with families to offer crisis hampers. An amazing organisation all in it for the correct reasons!

Lynda McColl: Sunshine House Communuity Centre absolutely helped families all over, nothings to much trouble in these uncertain times were in. Well done to Barbara and her Team

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