Wigan dad forced to suffer four day bus journey home after falling from hotel balcony and suffering life-threatening head injuries

Him and his wife Chloe have since got married
Him and his wife Chloe have since got married

A Wigan dad who suffered serious head injuries and missed his own wedding after falling over a low-rise balcony, was subjected to a horrific journey back to Britain by bus when his insurer refused to pay out.

Jordan Burrow was forced to suffer through a four-day journey back to the borough from Crete by bus after he plummeted 14ft from a balcony, leaving him with severe injuries.

Jordan was left with life-threatening injuries

Jordan was left with life-threatening injuries

The 31-year-old was part-way through a two-week break at the Nana Beach Hotel, where was set to marry his now wife Chloe in front of dozens of his friends and family.

However, the night before the couple’s nuptials, Jordan fell over a knee-high balcony onto the floor below.

He suffered life-threatening injuries from the fall, which included a skull fracture, internal bleeding and an ankle fracture, and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Jordan’s party liaised with TUI, the tour operator, yet both they and the insurance company declined to offer assistance, declaring the cause to be "inebriation" and leaving him stranded in Greece.

The wall was only at knee height

The wall was only at knee height

Still recovering from serious head injuries, including fluid on his brain, Jordan and his mother were forced to make a 2,400 mile journey across Europe by bus and ferry, with assistance from friends in the UK and the Internet.

“What should have been the happiest day of my life turned into a nightmare,” he said.

"I’m amazed it hadn’t happened to someone sooner given the low height of the wall on the landing, despite it being about 14 feet up. .

“When you book a holiday to a 5-star hotel for your wedding with a tour operator like TUI, you expect a certain level of care and to be safe, but TUI failed to step in when we needed help.

“I was extremely lucky to survive the fall, albeit with serious head injuries.

“As I began to recover in the hospital, we assumed that the worst was over, but unfortunately it was only going to get worse, with a horrendous journey by land across Europe to get home to the UK. It was the worst four days of my life.”

Jordan has returned to work, but continues to suffer with ankle pain, fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbance.

His mother also suffers with stress and has been forced to take time off work following the accident and the nerve-shattering journey to bring her son home. He complained to the insurance Ombudsman and his insurers eventually reimbursed his travel costs.

Chloe, said: “It was a horrendous ordeal for us as a family. I had to leave Jordan in Crete to bring our young children back home on the flight, and it was devastating to be separated from him, and I was so worried about his injuries and how the journey home would affect him.

“I was not able to work after the accident as Jordan needed me, and our little girl Bessie suffered with anxiety which was noted by her teacher. I wouldn’t want this to happen to any other family.”

Jordan now plans to take TUI to court for their failure to act.

Joanne Brine, partner at JMW Solicitors who are helping him do so, said: “Jordan’s accident took place in May 2018, yet to this date TUI has failed to comply with the usual protocol that we follow, nor to substantively respond, offer any apology or explanation for the despicable way this young man was treated.

“His fall - over an inexplicably low, unfit-for-purpose landing wall - not only ruined what should have been the best day of his life, but left him fighting for his life.

“TUI’s failure to communicate is particularly disappointing given the severity of the accident..”