Wigan film company in search for borough's happiest residents

Film-makers want to make a documentary celebrating the culture of our town.
Natasha Hawthornthwaite and Scott Bradley of Northern Heart FilmsNatasha Hawthornthwaite and Scott Bradley of Northern Heart Films
Natasha Hawthornthwaite and Scott Bradley of Northern Heart Films

Northern Heart Films, based at The Old Courts, wants to know what gets Wiganers jumping for joy and turn the things that delight them into an uplifting short movie.

Natasha Hawthornthwaite and Scott Bradley want to speak to people who find happiness through their jobs, hobbies or interests.

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Scott said Northern Heart Films was particularly keen to celebrate the jobs and passions of a working-class borough due to the light that has been shone on employees in key industries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “The big theme around Wigan Arts Festival is health and happiness and fulfilment, so what we’ve decided to do is make a short film celebrating local people who find fulfilment through the work they do or a hobby.

"We also want to speak to people who are really passionate about Wigan and Leigh as places.

“We’re very open to receiving as many stories and people as are willing to send them, but if there are interesting characters or significant stories that will have the strongest pull for the audience we will pick those.

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“With everything that has happened with Covid there has been a realisation that traditional, working-class jobs are really important and should be valued. The people who do them should be proud and treated with respect.

“I feel that a lot of the time people who choose to do working-class jobs have been talked to. This is a way of celebrating that real passion people have for their work and their hobbies in working-class towns like Wigan and Leigh.”

Northern Heart Films has been commissioned by Wigan Council to produce the piece, which will be shown somewhere in Wigan town centre during the fortnight-long celebration of culture running between July 30 and August 14.

Scott says he and Natasha would be particularly keen to hear of any more unusual hobbies or pastimes off the beaten track which Wiganers enjoy.

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The film-makers also hope to shine a light on diverse people and areas within the borough.

The deadline for applying to be involved is July 2 (Friday). To share stories, email details of who you are and what makes you happy to [email protected]

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