Wigan group Island Dam's new single No Fire Here released

The band has turned its attention to the complexities of dating in the modern, high-tech world in its latest song.
Island DamIsland Dam
Island Dam

No Fire Here is the new release from alternative rockers Island Dam and takes a look at trying to find love in the era of Tinder and other such relationship apps.

The song has been around a year in the making with the five-piece, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Nick Calderbank, backing vocalist and guitarist Conal Cunningham, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist Dan Henthorne, bassist Matthew Blakely and drummer Rob Carroll, spending plenty of time fettling and working on the track to get it into its final form.

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Their hard work seems to have paid off with No Fire Here, which came out last Friday, attracting very positive reviews so far.

Conal said: “We’ve been finishing another song as well but we have been back and forth with No Fire Here for about a year, adding to it and doing bits to it.

“We wanted to release it as soon as possible when it was right, and with everyone sat at home it seems we’ve had lots of people listening to it on the streaming sites.

“It’s about dating in the modern social media age and being unsure if the person you are speaking to is reflecting their true personality or portraying an image on the apps. Friends and family have been saying it’s our best song yet.”

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The group’s heavy brand of indie-rock draws influences from the likes of Foals, Royal Blood and the early work of the Arctic Monkeys.

No Fire Here was produced in Wigan at The Lounge Studios, with the band working with producer Gareth Nuttall.

The song also drew approving comments from the social media account of Wigan Athletic which delighted the group, three of whose members are lifelong fans of the club.

The coronavirus pandemic may have led to higher numbers of people looking for music to hear online but it has also thrown a spanner in the works of promoting the single, with a couple of hometown gigs having to be scrapped.

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Island Dam, like other Wigan acts, are now keeping their fingers crossed to see how soon they may be able to resume playing live.

Conal said: “We would have liked to tie this single in with a gig to push it but obviously we’re not able to do that.

“We’ve had gigs cancelled and it’s a bit frustrating but comparatively it’s not the biggest of problems right now. We’ve had more people listening with everyone in lockdown so there are ups and downs.

“We’ve booked a gig at The Boulevard for the August bank holiday so we’re waiting to see if that will be permitted or not.”

No Fire Here by Island Dam is out now. To find out more search for the band on Spotify and follow them @IslandDam on Twitter.