Wigan man scared to take his dog out at certain times after a vicious attack on a morning walk

A Wigan man fears taking his dog out for walks anymore after it was savaged on one.
Paul Baines and ChicoPaul Baines and Chico
Paul Baines and Chico

Paul Baines, 51, from Hindley, says he will no longer take his 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier Chico out in the early morning, after four big dogs caused injury to his four-legged friend.

The incident took place in Borsdane Woods at 7.45am on December 3, with Chico left with wounds that needed stapling by a vet.

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Mr Baines said: “We were just walking in the woods, it was still quite dark, and as we approached a corner these four Irish wolfhounds came bounding towards us. They’ve come up to my dog, and one tried to get hold of him before all four were literally trying to get at him.

“The owner was screaming for them to get off, I was shouting. I got hold of one by its fur and I got knocked to the ground. Chico was squealing in pain, but managed to squirm away and ran off.

“We spent two hours in the woods looking for him, until we got a phone call from one of our neighbours, who had seen him outside the house looking distressed. They picked him up in a blanket and he was bleeding.

“We had seen the four dogs before and although they’ve never attacked before, they were very intimidating because of the sheer size of them. I’ve seen them carry dead squirrels in the past.

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“I personally don’t think they are under control. Even if they were on leads, I don’t think a man could stop them because they are massive, powerful things.”

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Chico suffered one puncture wound and is now on antibiotics and painkillers.

Mr Baines said: “The vet said he was very lucky. We paid the vet bills, which is money we are needing to find because we didn’t expect this when taking my little dog out for a walk. It will end up costing over £100 by the time.

“We haven’t taken him out since because he’s on painkillers, but he’s very sheepish, following us around and not leaving our side. When we’ve gone to work, we have taken him to my mums to be minded because he likes company.

“I personally think these dogs should be on the lead.”

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Mr Baines says the police are not looking into this matter because dog on dog attacks do not come under their jurisdiction.

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