Photographer's drone footage of devastating gas explosion

A local photographer captured these shocking images of the huge explosion which levelled a restaurant and trapped several people under the resulting rubble.

Monday, 27th March 2017, 10:06 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:18 pm
Aerial over the the devastated buildings destroyed by a an explosion in Bebington, Wirral

Scott Dow, 34, rushed to the scene of the Wirral disaster to take the aerial drone footage of the devastation.

Two people have been seriously injured and at least 30 more are in hospital after the ground-shaking explosion on the Wirral which was heard as far away as North Wales.

The blast completely flattened a Chinese restaurant and several other buildings within a 50-metre radius, including a dance studio.

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Emergency services scrambled to the scene of the explosion caused by a suspected gas leak in a built-up residential area in New Ferry on Saturday night.

It happened at around 9.15pm as diners enjoyed a meal at Lan’s House Chinese restaurant, which was completely destroyed in the blast.

Complete Works dance studio, opposite the restaurant, was reportedly also left “obliterated’, along with a furniture shop.

The blast left people buried under rubble and a search and The North West Ambulance service say 32 people were “walking wounded” and received treatment in hospital for minor injuries.

Two people were seriously injured by the blast but their condition is not yet known.

Houses in the immediate vicinity had to be evacuated and occupants moved to a nearby church, it was said.

Mr Dow travelled from his home in Leigh at 7.30am on Sunday to shoot the daylight drone footage.

The 53-second clip shows heaps of debris and glass scattered across the scene of the explosion.

He said: “We spoke to a special constable and the scene and he said two people were seriously injured, one of which he attended to.

“We arrived this morning at around 7.30am. There was rubble all across the car park where bricks had been launched.

“There was also bricks across the streets and roads behind. The rubble must have been thrown well over 100m.

“The fire service was still at the scene when we got there waiting for search and rescue teams.

The police had set up mobile station near the site.”

Scott launched the drone from a nearby car park and filmed and took photos of the devastating scene from various heights, including 400 feet, 200 feet and 100 feet.