Plaudits for 'hero' James who stopped armed robber

A man who tackled a meat cleaver wielding robber in Wigan has been commended by police for his act of bravery.
James Morgan with his police bravery awardJames Morgan with his police bravery award
James Morgan with his police bravery award

James Morgan was making a visit to Global Newsagents at Newton Road, Lowton for groceries on January 21 when a man came in brandishing the weapon.

While in the store, the 31-year-old became aware of the developing situation and despite the offender being armed he put his own personal safety to one side and rugby tackled the man to the floor.

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James then had to strike the man to force him to release the weapon. He then detained him on the shop floor before police arrived.

He was presented with the Chief Constable’s Citizens Commendation for his act of bravery on 22 March at a ceremony at GMP’s Hough End Complex.

Det Sgt David Johnston from Greater Manchester Police nominated James for his actions.

He said: “James acted in a selfless and brave manner to help the shopkeeper. He demonstrated all the key traits of an honourable member of the community and tackled an armed and dangerous criminal.

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“His actions will undoubtedly make our area a safer place to live and it’s people like James that make our community great.”

Speaking about the award James said: “It’s nice to be recognised for what I’ve done but it’s not something you think about.

“For me it was all very much about what was happening at the time. When I think back to the day, I did what I did because I didn’t want someone attacking my local shop. At the end of the day this is someone who is trying to earn an honest wage with his own business.”

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling for Greater Manchester Police, said: “James’ actions prevented a dangerous offender from committing further crime and displayed the power of community spirit.

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“His conduct proves that residents living in our borough will not stand by and allow criminality to take place.”

As a result of James’ actions Billy Moore of no fixed abode was arrested. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison.