Playwright's new show has a licence to thrill Bond fans

The name's Bond, James Bond...and fans of 007 will be able to enjoy their hero's work as it has never been seen before in a Wigan playwright and author's new show.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 3:52 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:02 pm
Brian Gorman in The Rebel

Enthusiasts for the smash-hit movie franchise starring Britain’s suavest spy will be left both shaken and stirred by Brian Gorman’s new whistle-stop trip through the world of high-stakes espionage.

One Man Bond: Every Bond Movie in 60 Minutes chronicles half a century of blockbuster action films, glamorous leading ladies and cringe-worthy one liners and tours the north of England this autumn.

Brian, originally from Norley, will visit the famous Pinewood Studios which are the home of the Bond movies as well as performing at the upcoming Starburst Magazine International Film Festival in Manchester.

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Brian says he is also extremely keen on bringing the show to Wigan.

One Man Bond involves Brian portraying 200 characters, including every 007 from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, M, Moneypenny and Q.

Memorable villains whose evil plans Bond has to thwart, including Dr No, Goldfinger, Blofeld, Mr Big, Scaramanga and Jaws, are also brought to life in the one-man show.

Brian, 53, recently stepped into the world of spying by appearing as the main villain in The Rebel, a James Bond-themed music video.

One Man Bond is a labour of love for Brian, a lifelong fan of James Bond who has seen every movie dozens of times as well as reading all the original Ian Fleming books when he was young.

However, he said one of the main inspirations for this show literally came from out of this world.

He said: “I came across a one-man Star Wars show and I thought it was really entertaining. That got me thinking if I could do the Bond films.

“I started writing about a year ago but I must have spent at least 20 hours on each film, getting the dialogue and keeping getting into the characters.

“Some of the impressions are easy and some, like Daniel Craig, are really difficult, but if I get the mannerisms and rhythms of his speech then hopefully the audience will fill in the blanks.”

Without using elaborate props, costumes or special effects, and standing alone on the stage, Brian has to conjure up the changing eras of Bond from the psychedelic and cool 60s to Daniel Craig’s present-day realistic hero.

It is not the first time Brian has created unusual artworks out of his passions in TV, film and music.

His previous projects include Everyman, a graphic novel both celebrating his love of the cult TV series The Prisoner and chronicling the life of its creator Patrick McGoohan.

He also took one of his favourite bands onto the stage with New Dawn Fades, a successful touring play about Joy Division and the Manchester where they became a hit act.

For more information about Brian’s work visit or follow him on Twitter @Borderliner1