Police hotline set up to help worried MPs

A police hotline has been set up for MPs to report threats made against them.

Commons Leader David Lidington said he had written to all members of parliament to tell them about the dedicated number as he insisted the Government took the issue of abuse “very seriously”.

Meanwhile, shadow Commons leader Valerie Vaz expressed concerns that new security packages to protect MPs and their staff were “not coming through”.

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It comes after Labour’s Louise Haigh became the latest MP to reveal she received “very explicit” death threats after she proposed a debate to decide if Britain First should be outlawed.

Security measures for MPs have been boosted after the murder of Jo Cox, with the process for handing out security funding speeded up and many MPs being granted enhanced security packages.

Ms Vaz said in the Commons: “Jo’s family will have to face their first Christmas without her. Many members on all sides are facing hostility. They have had to endure court cases. They have to deal with all of this with courage.

“Could I ask the Leader of the House together with all other party members if he on a cross-party basis will try and find out the actual nature, the evidence of what is happening to our colleagues because it is huge.

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“Encourage them to report and perhaps we could have a streamlined way of ensuring that their matter is dealt with.

“Could I also ask the Leader of the House if he will look at what is happening when people agree a package to keep their offices secure? Apparently it’s not coming through and the package isn’t implementing.”

Mr Lidington said the Government and the authorities took the issue of MP safety “very seriously” and said he wanted to be informed of “any evidence or suggestion that a local police force was not taking such threats seriously”.